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2020 SnakePit Awards: Unsung hero nominations open

Always a fun one this.

Hidden Feelings

It is a category where I will not even provide you with any guidance. For this one is entirely left up to you, the readers. Therefore, please make your nominations in the comments below, as follows:

  • One thread per candidate. Duplicates will be deleted. Brutally.
  • You should, ideally, do more than just post the player’s name, also giving an explanation of why a player deserves consideration.
  • If you agree with a candidate making the final five, give it a rec. You can also add further explanation, if you wish, by replying to the main comment.
  • Most rec’d suggestions will make the final ballot.
  • That is technically supposed to be on Thursday, but it would be Christmas Eve. Given traffic here is usually very low over Christmas, I might hold off the ballot until next week, especially since we are relying entirely on reader nominations.

Of course, you could make the argument there were no heroes at all this year, sung or otherwise. So I will accept “No award” as a potential candidate too, if someone wishes to put forward a case for it. Look forward to an interesting discussion!