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Snake Bytes: 12/12 - Winter Is Here

Cloudy skies, falling temperatures, foggy mornings - what is this sorcery?

How do the Diamondbacks Decide to Retire a Number?

In the history of the franchise, the Diamondbacks have only retired two numbers, this in addition to Jackie Robinson’s 42, which is retired league-wide. How do they decide who gets their number hung from the rafters?

Why the Diamondbacks Should Not Replace Eduardo Escobar

Joshua Inman makes the case for staying the course with Eduardo Escobar.

Dave Dombrowski Holds Introductory Press Conference

Dombrowski spoke on various topics, including how he came to go from disinterested in the job to hired and what some of his plans for player personnel are.

All-time Ringless Team

If this team could take the field, it might just put the 1927 Murderer’s Row to shame.