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Your Saturday Sporcle: Starting catchers

There have been 35 men in the mask for Arizona. I’m pretty sure you won’t remember them all...

Arizona Diamondbacks v Florida Marlins Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

Last week’s results

Figured you folk deserved a bit of a break, with a relatively easy round. And so it proved, with the average score coming in at a healthy 76%. Of course, that is biased by some names counting for multiple seasons. If you remembered how to spell “Gonzalez”, that was good for 8 out of 51 points by Gonzo’s self! He and David Peralta were equally well recognized, being named on all but two of the attempts. Justin Upton was also north of 90%. At the other end, Yasmany Tomas was below 30%, though the special character initially there might have been a factor. Shawn Green and, perhaps surprisingly, given his role in 2001, David Dellucci were also largely forgotten. Here’s the full list:

  1. Luis Gonzalez - 93.6%
  2. David Peralta - 93.6%
  3. Justin Upton - 91%
  4. Steve Finley - 89.7%
  5. Chris Young - 85.9%
  6. AJ Pollock - 79.5%
  7. Kole Calhoun - 73.1%
  8. Gerardo Parra - 67.9%
  9. Eric Byrnes - 60.3%
  10. Reggie Sanders - 59%
  11. Ender Inciarte - 57.7%
  12. Danny Bautista - 56.4%
  13. Tony Womack - 50%
  14. Adam Jones - 48.7%
  15. Devon White - 44.9%
  16. Jason Kubel - 43.6%
  17. David Dellucci - 42.3%
  18. Shawn Green - 35.9%
  19. Yasmany Tomás - 29.5%

This week’s Sporcle

We move to the infield, but I thought we’d do the next few a bit differently, taking it position by position. This week’s quiz is about the men to have started at catcher for the D-backs [I did this back in 2016, but time enough has passed]. Quite a few only managed a handful or fewer of games, so to make this one a little easier, I’ve given you the initials of each man. Particularly towards the bottom of the list (which is in descending order of starts), this could well prove helpful... As every, last names only are fine. If it wasn’t for the initials, I’d say getting even half of these would be fine, but I think we can bump the target up to the two-thirds mark, so 24 would be a good score. It’s embedded below, or here’s the link.