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D-backs Organist Bobby Freeman and Your Chance for a Private 90 Minute Concert

Bobby Freeman steps into the batter’s box to help a friend and his family.

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“Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends” A famous lyric that I am sure we all can relate too.

As some of you may know, on Wednesday, November 6th, OG Brute Squad member and SnakePitter, AZKodiak was killed in a traffic collision early in the morning on his way to work. As I was given the news, while I started my own work day, I instantaneously broke down and crumbled - Mike was our Brother. Some of you likely know Mike Keller from our many Brute Squad Fests and other friendly gatherings over the many, many years. Mike was a founding member of The Brute Squad and contributed heavily to the production and recording of our interviews. While over-all he was a cornerstone of our Diamondbacks fan club. Helping at each event, organizing new members and fans, and also just being an all-around great participant every game we attended. He was not quiet, and he had a presence. He was one of our giants, in more ways than one.

Mike left behind a 16 year old son, that I am sure some of you know as well from the games and events, Zach Keller. KillerZ as he is known on The Brute Squad. As Zach navigates the sudden loss of his Father, his, our friends have set-up fundraisers for Zach. Just for Zach.

One of our dearest friends, Diamondbacks Organist Bobby Freeman, has generously offered a private concert to help our fundraising efforts, and in his words; “I want to help...I would like to offer for you to Auction a Private Concert at your home, place of business, church, synagogue, community center, where ever, D-backs Organist Bobby Freeman 90minutes. Includes Keyboard/ Workstation/ Sound System/ Autograph Photos/ Selfies/ I will bring 2001 World Series Ring/ MLB Cactus League Hall of Fame Plaque. Winner of this offer is the highest bidder. ALL proceeds go to the cause.”

Now I turn to my AZSnakePit family and friends and ask that you share the link to this article and the auction link below with any and everyone who would love to share their time with Bobby Freeman, LIVE IN CONCERT!

Link to bid is here:

100% of the proceeds will benefit Zach Keller, AZKodiak’s son. Zach currently continues his love for baseball while playing at Peoria Highschool, with the Panthers, as a solid backstop and pitcher. Just last night he picked-off the runner at 1st from the mound. He also works at ZB Velocity as a catching assistant helping others with their game.

On behalf of The entire Brute Squad and Mike Keller’s son and family, I want to give my sincerest thanks to Bobby Freeman for stepping up and swinging for the fences on this one. I thank all of you as well for sharing and for your support. I want all of you to know that The Brute Squad will be there for you, if you need us.

Thank you, friends.