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Snake Bytes: 11/7 - Decision Day?

While the world still waits for an official announcement regarding the PResidential election, the business of baseball carries on.

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Diamondbacks Projected 2021 Opening Day Roster

Now that it is November, it is time for the annual tradition of entirely too early roster speculation.

Each Team’s “Perfect” Free Agent Target

Writers from MLB speculate which free agent target makes the most sense for each team. I’m not sure I could disagree more with their pick for Arizona - Blake Treinen.

Red Sox Officially Rehire Alex Cora as Manager

And just like that, the entire fallout from the Trashcangate is over. I’m pretty sure most people saw this one coming a year ago. Alex Cora’s time in purgatory for his role in at least one, if not multiple cheating scandals has come to an end. The Boston Red Sox were quick to bring him back to fill the temporary vacancy created by his one-year suspension from baseball.

Los Angeles Dodgers Have Five Players Test Positive for COVID

Ten days after the World Series ended and Justin Turner took the field to celebrate, despite having a positive COVID test, five players from the championship roster have tested positive. At least one family member has also tested positive.

Related: No Discipline for Turner

Continuing his long tradition of tone deafness, Rob Manfred has decided that Justin Turner will face no disciplinary measures for violating COVID procedures and quarantine protocol on the night the Dodgers wrapped up their championship, despite what has transpired since then.