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SnakePit Official Election Thread

I trust this will not be a problem...

Normally, we have a very strict policy against the discussion of politics on the SnakePit - it divides far more than it unites. But going back to 2008, we have had a tradition of suspending this policy on the day of every Presidential election. I want to continue that today, though am doing so with significant qualms. This country is easily the most divided and polarized that I’ve seen it, and I do not want this to spill over into the SnakePit. So, be warned, just because you get to talk about politics, does not mean the other rules are not in full effect.

In particular, you WILL be polite and respectful to other posters, no matter how much you disagree with their expressed opinions. Otherwise, I’ll be handing out temp bans until after the election like they were Halloween candy. I’ll basically copy-paste the following from my 2016 post (the comments on which are definitely worth a read, incidentally). No arguments, for the SnakePit is not a democracy, it’s a Jimtatorship. Just so we’re clear, that means:

  • Biden/Trump is stupid - Sigh. I guess, if you must...
  • You are stupid for supporting Trump/Biden - Goodbye.

However, bonus points if you can refrain from either, and actually explain in positive terms, why you are voting for your chosen candidate.

Let’s remember, we’re all (well, almost all!) Diamondbacks fans, and that’s far more important than where we put an X. So, remain respectful, and treat others with the respect you would want for your opinions. Do not make me regret this post. The SnakePit is, and will always remain, an entirely inclusive site, regardless of your political, religious, or other views. Unless you’re a Dodgers fan, of course. :)

As for my own opinions? Well, I still can’t vote. But if you care, they can be found off-site. Obviously, they are entirely personal and do not represent, in any way, the views of the SnakePit, SB Nation, Vox Media (particularly the more liberal bits!), or anyone else. You are perfectly welcome to skip it entirely. Otherwise, I’ll take questions now...