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Snake Bytes: 11/28 - The Leftovers

In keeping with the tradition of this holiday weekend, here are some leftover tidbits from the last few days.

One Reason for Thankfulness from Each Team

2020 was such a tough season for the Diamondbacks that the writers needed to dig deep on this one, pulling out the well-worn rags-to-riches success story of David Peralta for Arizona.

Is the Hall of Fame Leaving Too Many Out?

Mike Petriello revisits a deep dive by Dave Cameron from 2013, finding that, seven years on, it is harder than ever to earn enshrinement in Cooperstown.

Rethinking the Playoffs

While this season’s expanded playoffs helped to alleviate a small portion of ownership’s lost revenues, the overwhelming fan reaction to 16 of 30 teams making the playoffs seems to be a negative one. One thing I personally liked about the playoffs this season was the lack of days off between games, forcing teams to go deeper into pitching staffs. This same issue comes into play in the KBO. Brendan Gawlowski speculates that some hybrid of the KBO and American versions of the playoffs might be a good thing.

Christian Yelich’s 2020 Joey Gallo Impression

Christian Yelich batted .205/.356/.430 in the shortened 2020 season. For someone who was previously a .300 hitter, vying for a potential triple crown, this was somewhat startling.

Tampa Bay’s Arozarena Released in Mexico

Randy Arozarena was released from jail in Mexico after his former partner and mother of his child told a judge that she would not be pressing any charges. It is still unclear as to whether or not Arozarena was formally charged for anything by the authorities. MLB and the Rays are both aware of the incident and are still doing their own investigation into the accounts of domestic abuse.

Shortstop Hot Stove

Not only is this an offseason of strong free agent shortstops, but it is an offseason of potentially even better shortstop trade candidates. The Indians seem almost certain to trade Francisco Lindor. The Astros are exploring the possibility of trading Carlos Correa as part of their re-tolling and attempts to control payroll. Then there is Trevor Story, whom the Rockies are now shopping around, as they are looking for ways to address their own payroll issues, exacerbated by the combination of Arenado’s contract and the pandemic.