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Snake Bytes: 11/25 - Worthless Wednesday

The most unproductive humpday of the year is, unsurprisingly, devoid of new developments to report on.

I mean, come on now. Unless you work in tourism or the grocery/fuel industry, does anyone really expect to be productive today? Take control of the company jukebox and start playing some Loverboy.

NC Dinos Take Home Awesome Sword
And the award for most awesome trophy in sports goes to the KBO. The NC Dinos just won the KBO’s World Series. The trophy bestowed upon the NC Dinos was created by their parent company, NC Soft, who created a replica of the Execution Sword, a highly prized item from its top-selling game, Lineage. The sword, which looks like it was lifted straight out of fantasy anime, is now most easily the most awesome championship trophy in sports. The league just needs to make it a recurring theme.

Which Top Free Agent Signs First?

Various baseball writers debate which of the top five free agents; J.T. Realmuto, Trevor Bauer, Marcel Ozuna, George Springer, and D.J. LeMahieu will sign first and how those five will set the tone for the market.

Rays Looking into Arozarena Incident

Tampa Bay Rays 2020 hero, Randy Arozarena is in some hot water, having been detained in Mexico on domestic abuse charges and possible attempted kidnapping. If the charges stick, this could turn out to be one of baseball’s quickest hero-to-zero stories.

Non-Tendering One Player from Each Team

The Diamondbacks have already taken care of their roster housekeeping. However, other teams still have until next Wednesday to make their final decisions.

Why Everybody Should Vote Pettitte for HOF

Baseball needs another pitcher born in the 1970s to keep its bit of statistical serendipity going. Pettitte would appear to be the last, best hope. Also, he happens to be a fairly decent borderline candidate - though not as firmly borderline as Bobby Abreu.