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2020 Arizona Diamondbacks Reviews: #43 Silvino Bracho

Just one inning was all Silvino Bracho was able to manage this season.

Silvino Bracho of the Arizona Diamondbacks, wearing the black alternative jerseys with the A logo on the left side of the chest, throws a pitch at Chase Field Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Rating: 2.78

Age: 28

2020 Stats: 0-0, 1 IP, 18.00 ERA/34 ERA+, 2.000 WHIP

2020 Salary: $584,100/216,333(prorated)

2021 Status: Signed a minor league contract with the Giants


Silvino Bracho has had a pretty rough go of things the past several years. His last appearance for the Diamondbacks going into the year was way back in 2018, after having Tommy John surgery in March of 2019. Obviously he missed that whole season, and would have missed the start of this season even under normal circumstances due to his rehab. When Summer Camp started up, his once again had to return to the IL, when he developed stiffness in his surgically repaired elbow. He would remain there until September 25th, when he was activated from the IL in advance of the double header the Diamondbacks played against the Rockies, but would not appear until the next day.

Further complicating his return was a positive COVID test he received shortly after the start of Summer Camp. One has to assume this delayed his rehab and added even more to the time that he was away from the field. As I said, a rough couple of years for Bracho.

2020 Review

Silvino Bracho made his first and only apperance of the 2020 season, and last of his Diamondbacks career, in the 56th game of the season. He came in relief of Luke Weaver at the start of the sixth inning. Weaver hadn’t had a great start against the Rockies, and Bracho inherited a game sitting at 5-2 in favor of the Rockies. It did not go well for him. Let’s go to the tape!

First At Bat:

First batter in two years for Bracho was Josh Fuentes. He started him off with back-to-back changeups, the first Fuentes fouled off, and the second he took for a strike. Silvino Bracho went to the fastball for this third pitch, however, and got Fuentes to ground out to Ketel Marte at shortstop for the first out of the inning.

Second At Bat:

Daniel Murphy came to the plate next. To welcome him, Bracho went to his slider for the first time, but missed for a ball. Two more changeups were fouled off and missed, repsectively, to bring the count to 2-1. Bracho went right back to that change, however, and Murphy rewarded him by lining out to Marte for the second out of the inning.

Third At Bat:

Two outs and no runners on base would be as good as it got for Bracho this season because it all went down hill from there. After Murphy lined out, Elias Diaz came to the plate. Bracho let the count get away from him, throwing two fastballs out of the zone. This put Diaz in the driver’s seat, and he didn’t let the opportunity go to waste, singling up the middle.

Fourth At Bat:

If the second at bat was the high point of his season, the fourth at bat was Bracho’s low point. He started by throwing a ball to Ryan McMahon to fall behind. However, he followed it up by throwing two four seam fastballs for his only called strikes of the season. Bracho went back to the four seamer a third time in a row, but this time McMahon was waiting for it. Two run home run to left center field.

Final At Bat:

Garrett Hampson was the last batter Bracho faced this season. He posed the longest challenge that Bracho faced, working the count full and taking seven pitches, a third of the 21 total that he threw that day. Bracho was able to best him, however, and end his season on a good note, recording his only strike out of the year.

2021 Outlook:

I’m a little fuzzy on the exact details, but about a month ago, the Diamondbacks outrighted Bracho to AAA Reno. As far as I can tell, he cleared waivers, clearing the way for the Diamondbacks to potentially retain his services. However, two weeks ago, it was announced that he had signed a minor league contract with the San Francisco Giants. I’m not entirely sure what transpired between him being outrighted and him joining the Giants, but the long and the short of it is that if he continues his comeback from Tommy John, it will be with a different NL West team.

If he does prove his health in spring training, he could prove to be a key member of a weak Giants bullpen. His 2018 season was quite good, and if he can return to that level, he could be quite an asset for the Giants next season. However, as every baseball fan knows, that is far from a guarantee, and it looks like he will have quite a bit of competition from other Minor League signings once Spring Training begins next year.