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Snake Bytes: 11/11 - Florida Managers Get the Nod

Both Florida teams won their respective league’s Manager of the Year award last night.

Americans Honor Veterans Day Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Sawdaye, Porter Finalists for Angels GM

Eventually, someone is going to poach each of these individuals from the Diamondbacks. While I fully support these gentlemen and wish them continued professional growth and happiness, I would just as soon that this not be that time.

Previewing the Offseason

Josh Inman looks ahead to some of this offseason’s new challenges for GM Mike Hazen.

Cash, Mattingly wing Manager of the Year Awards

Tampa Bay’s Kevin Cash and Miami’s Don Mattingly both won Manager of the Year honors. Cash won for guiding his small market Rays to a strong playoff berth in the ALs. Mattingly too, led his Marlins to the playoffs in 2020, doing so with the added obstacle of having his roster ravaged by COVID-19. I would usually use this space to take a shot at neither one counting as no fans were in the stands to see it happen, but then COVID had to come and make that actually true, instead of just seemingly.

The Future of the Universal DH

The players want the universal DH to return. Front offices are amenable to the idea, but want expanded playoffs in return. An agreement may not be reached in time for the 2021 season, but it seems all but certain that there is no chance the CBA fails to include the universal DH as a permanent fixture.

What Does the Hiring of Hinch and Cora Say About the Future of Baseball?

A.J. Hinch served his one season suspension and was promptly hired by the Detroit Tigers while also being a pre-LaRussa candidate for the White Sox position (that vacated for inexplicable reasons). Alex Cora took a one season breather and was promptly inserted back into his old position in Boston. Has baseball already moved on? Is this a case of baseball trying to just forgive and forget?

With Cohen Ownership, Will Mets Fans Finally Get What They Want?

Steve Cohen is far and away the richest owner in the sport of baseball. He says he didn’t buy the team to make money and that he expects to spend and field a winner. Will New York’s other baseball team finally step up and spend their way into relevance and take a seat at the grownup table with their big brother Yankees?