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Rating the 2020 Diamondbacks

I guarantee you, these votes will be counted quicker than the ones in Nevada...

Minnesota Primary Voters Head To The Polls Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Now the World Series is out of the way, we’ll begin our regular review of the previous season, looking one by one at each of the players who appeared for the Diamondbacks. To establish the order in which we review them, there’s a poll below, where you can award a score of from one to ten to each player. I’ve thrown in manager Torey Lovullo and GM Mike Hazen for your rating pleasure, and we’ll also cover them. The average score will be used to determine a ranking, and we’ll begin with the 47th-ranked person, and cover one a day. Should probably take us into the new; there may be odd days off here and there, especially around the winter meetings, though those are virtual this year, so may not be of much note.

It’s probably not worth over-thinking this. If you find yourself paralyzed by trying to decide whether Joe Mantiply is a 2 or a 3, you’re doing it wrong. There’s no requirement for you to grade on a curve, so if you have more ones than tens, that’s perfectly fine as well. I’ll probably collect responses for about a week, but if it’s open, feel free to click. The players will be listed randomly for each participant, to avoid potential bias based on order. So don’t go trying to figure out the significance of the order! This is open to SnakePit members only, so we don’t get a repeat of certain ballot-stuffing situations previously. We take attempts at vote rigging seriously. :)

Link to survey