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Playoff Gameday Thread, #9: One and done

The Division Series will end today.

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In this photo illustration a Stangen Weis beer can seen... Photo Illustration by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

4 pm - ALDS: Yankess vs. Rays (2-2), TBS

Lineups to be announced

Of the 12 series to take place so far, only three have gone to a “win or go home” game. This lack of drama was especially surprising in the wild-card series. If each game is a 50-50 shot, there’s a 50% chance of them splitting the first two and requiring a decider. But six of the eight wild-card contests ended in sweeps. Still, it doesn’t seem to have hurt the ratings, with the networks apparently pretty pleased with the number of eyeballs.