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Snake Bytes: 10/31 - All Hallows’ Eve

Something tells me this is not going to be the awesome Halloween that so many of us were anticipating back in January.

Global Gaming Expo’s Sixth Annual Casino Entertainment Awards Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Zac Gallen Nominated to All-MLB Team

Zac Gallen’s continued development into a top of the rotation arm was one of the few bright spots for the Diamondbacks in 2020. One of the rewards for his performance is the he is on the list of pitchers up for inclusion on the 2020 All-MLB team.

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Around Baseball

Detroit Names A.J. Hinch as New Manager

Hinch’s time in the wastelands of suspension is over. With the World Series over, Hinch has served his one season suspension. The Tigers wasted no time in scooping him up and installing him to help run the franchise.

Red Sox, Alex Cora in Contact

The only other person suspended for Trashcan-gate was Boston Red Sox Manger, Alex Cora. His suspension is now over as well. It seems Boston really was committed to having Cora manage their club. The two are in talks for Cora to rejoin Boston.

LaRussa Hire Curious, Outrageous

When Tony LaRussa made noises indicating he was looking to manage in baseball again, it was only a matter of time before someone hired him. Despite all the questions about his age and his ability to work with this younger generation of players that are all-in with analytics and showmanship, the reality is, LaRussa is a Hall of Fame manager with a winning pedigree and the ability to take control of just about any clubhouse. That it was the White Sox that gave LaRussa another shot is not even entirely surprising, not given Reinsdorf’s repeated laments of allowing Hawk Harrelson to fire LaRussa being his life’s biggest regret. It’s the way that the reunion was orchestrated that leaves more than just a little to be desired, especially given that these new White Sox might just be the right mix of players to have extended success predicating on new age techniques and analytics, things LaRussa is famously opposed to.

Indians Decline Option on Brad Hand

Brad Hand, currently one of the best relievers in baseball, went from being in line for a solid $10 million payday for 2021 to being a free agent. Not only did the INdians not pick up his option, the INdians designated the reliever for assignment. 29 other teams declined to claim him off waivers despite the fairly reasonable price for a top-tier reliever. Welcome to the reality of pandemic payroll decisions.

Cubs Decline Jon Lester’s Option

In what is a far less surprising move, the Cubs have declined the $25 million option on Jon Lester. Instead, they will pay him a $10 million buyout. There is still a strong sense that the two sides will come to an agreement to continue their working relationship.

Fangraphs’ Top-50 Free Agents of 2021

J.T. Realmuto, George Springer, and Trevor Bauer top the list of this winter’s free agents. Beyond those three, the talent drops off significantly. Given the financial state of the game, this is not the year to be featured on that list.

Other News

Sean Connery R.I.P. (1930-2020)

Sean Connery, the first man to play James Bond on the Silver Screen, has died at the age of 90. The Academy Award winning actor’s career is filled with some of the most iconic performances in cinema history. Outside of Bond, Connery made a name for himself playing a wide variety of roles, from the somber and melodramatic, to the silly, to the action-adventure hero. His willingness to throw himself entirely into “frivolous” films is part of what endeared him to so many science-fiction/fantasy fans. He brought gravitas and respectability to even the most ludicrous of scripts. He will be missed.