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Snake Bytes 10/23: Off Day News

Even though it’s an off day, there is a wide variety of stories to choose from this morning.

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MLB: World Series-Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Dodgers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

(ESPN) World Series 2020: How the Rays became the Rays. Inside the brain trust of MLB’s most innovative team

Win or lose this week, though, the American League champion Rays have long been changing baseball history with an innovative approach to team building, led by a brain trust whose members have now spread to front offices across Major League Baseball — including to the team they just beat in the American League Championship Series, the Houston Astros, and the team they’re battling now for the Commissioner’s Trophy, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

(Yahoo! Sports) Should MLB embrace the use of steroids? Gary Sheffield Jr. believes so

We will start off with one of the dumbest things you’ll read today. I understand the point he’s trying to make, but I feel like this is a wildly irresponsible take that ignores the long term negative side effects of steroids, and I don’t know, WHY THEY’RE ILLEGAL, in favor of short term benefits

“The one thing that fans even maybe today don’t understand about steroids — and yes, from the outside they do understand, but the ability for superstars to stay on the field and be happy and rehab injuries,” Sheffield Jr. said on the latest episode of Balk Talk.

(CBS Sports) Yadier Molina claims MLB doesn’t want him to catch Johnny Bench in Gold Gloves, but there’s a problem

If MLB didn’t want a Puerto Rican to catch Bench, I’m not sure how Molina thinks Rodriguez got to 13, because he’s also Puerto Rican. Also, the Gold Gloves this year were determined in a different fashion than years past. Usually, there’s a vote by human beings. This year it was solely determined by numbers, using SABR’s defensive index. In order for MLB to conspire against Molina, it would’ve had to manipulate the numbers and, boy, that seems like an awful lot of effort to pull off what Molina believes an anti-Puerto Rican attack when a Puerto Rican catcher already passed Bench.

(The Athletic) Sources: MLB’s Astros investigation showed Luhnow’s awareness of sign-stealing

But people with knowledge of the investigation said that “there was direct testimony that Luhnow was aware of the sign-stealing scheme.” The league’s department of investigations, headed by former federal prosecutors, gathered a combination of direct evidence, circumstantial evidence and testimony that a source said would hold up in a legal forum, despite Luhnow’s suggestion to the contrary.

(Forbes) Reds Pitcher Trevor Bauer Should Be A Highly Coveted MLB Free Agent

A seven team break down of some likely landing spots for the former Diamondbacks draft pick. I fear that he is going to end up on the Dodgers next season, but there are some other interesting choices for him on this lis

(Yahoo! Sports) Some booing would be welcomed: How MLB umpires made it through a ‘surreal’ season

You might not have noticed the umpires, or considered them, in a 60-game season that became a postseason madhouse, which also is the job in all times. They were the guys asking managers to pull up their masks before spraying them with abuse and spittle. They were the guys reporting dutifully for work and happy for it. They were the guys who didn’t want to foul a baseball season that would have to operate on the narrowest of foundations.

(NY Daily News) Bill de Blasio is unlikely to block Steve Cohen from becoming an MLB owner, but Jerry Reinsdorf will keep trying

“Jerry Reinsdorf’s long-standing objection to the idea of Steve Cohen as an MLB owner goes back nearly a decade.

The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls owner voted against Cohen becoming control person of the Mets on Tuesday, as the News reported. Reinsdorf was the sole ‘no’ vote, in an overall 7-1 decision from MLB’s ownership committee in favor of Cohen taking over the Mets from Fred and Jeff Wilpon and Saul Katz.”

Or to put it another way, wealthy owner who keeps is major market team at the payroll of a mid market team doesn’t want billionaire who will act like one to own a baseball team.