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Snake Bytes: And The Playoffs Continue!

Plenty of news around baseball as the LDS series begin to wrap up

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Wild Card Round - St Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres - Game Two Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

(Yahoo! Sports) Fernando Tatis Jr.’s homer was massive, the bat flip was even better

Pushed to the brink in the MLB wild-card round on Thursday, the San Diego Padres returned to a strategy that worked well for them during the regular season: Hit an excessive amount of home runs.

(USA Today) Dusty Baker claims Astros ignoring matchup with whistleblower Mike Fiers: ‘Haven’t heard his name all year’

The former Astros starter and 2017 champion was the whistleblower who brought to light Houston’s sign-stealing scheme, as chronicled by The Athletic. He joined the Oakland Athletics in 2018, and after two seasons of facing the Astros from an opponent’s perspective, felt compelled to come forward.

(Boston Globe) MLB, minor leagues dissolve ties after failing to reach agreement

After 18 months of bargaining for a new Professional Baseball Agreement, Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball never got to yes.

Now that ties have been dissolved and MLB can act almost unilaterally to implement whatever new minor league system it wants, the new operators of minor league baseball signaled to the public and likely many minor league owners on Thursday that it would like to keep the lines of communication open.

(Chicago Tribune) David Ross douses criticism of MLB’s decision to postpone Game 2 of the Cubs-Marlins series: ‘I’m not a weatherman, but there’s a lot more that goes into that’

“The weather is the weather,” said Cubs manager David Ross, who was in meetings and was unaware that rain didn’t arrive for hours. “I just listen to my bosses and Major League Baseball when it comes to that stuff.

(Ed. Note) Sorry I went to write this up last night, and then some other news that you may have heard of broke and distracted me. Enjoy now!