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Saturday Sporcle: Catchers of the Diamondbacks Decade

If you recognize this D-backs catcher, you’re doing better than most!

Milwaukee Brewers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

As we progress around the diamond, selecting our team of the decade, let’s also see how many of the players in question you can remember. In the 2010’s, a total of twenty different players started games at catcher for the Diamondbacks. If you’d read our entry at the start of the week, you’ll have the info you need to ace this - but how many are you able to name without checking back?

You have seven minutes to come up with the answers, and get the number of starts for each player as a hint (which may or may not be much help!). We only need the last names. Feel free to post in the comments your score, most embarrassing miss, greatest hit, and guesses as to which of the twenty catchers the photo at the top depicts... I was almost tempted to cheat and post a picture of Chris Stewart, who appeared in three games at catcher for Arizona, but never started. However, that seems unnecessarily cruel and unusual punishment!

Link for those on their phones