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Arizona Diamondbacks Play of the 2010’s: Archie Bradley’s triple

Where were YOU when the roof came off Chase Field?

National League Wild Card Game Photo by Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks/Getty Images

Rather than any kind of traditional recap, I asked the SnakePit team for their memories of the event. Feel free to chip in with your own recollections of The Triple Heard Round The State below...

Michael: I ended up going to the game. It definitely put the Wild in Wild Card given the team nearly squandered a 6-run lead in the middle innings. I figured that when Archie was hitting it was because they needed him to get 3 more outs (the alternative was David Hernandez, who wasn’t as good as Bradley that year). I noticed that Parra was playing shallow in left, which meant any hit towards LCF was going to break the game open again. When Bradley launched a rocket towards the gap, I was laughing so hard at the idea of a relief pitcher winning a playoff game with his bat that I actually lost my voice during the rest of the 7th inning.

I made the mistake of assuming the game was over at that point, with Arenado and Story reminding me never to count out the Rockies somehow. Fortunately Pollock finally broke them the next inning (by the way, screw that guy for his comments the other day) It wasn’t until after the game that I realized I witnessed something historic and never happened before. That’s easily the most unforgettable moment I’ll ever have when attending a game in person.

Keegan: The game was such a stressful whirlwind. I was sitting close to the right field bullpen. Don’t think I had too many beers as there were so many people at the game, to the point where the lines were too long. Goldy’s three run home run in the first inning actually stands out more vividly to me than Archie’s triple. I think that’s because I was so stressed towards the end of the game that baseball strategy wasn’t really registering in my head at the time. I’m certain I screamed my head off and let out a few expletives. I do remember laughing almost uncontrollably that Archie had really just done that.

Jim: I had a previously-arranged vacation in Las Vegas - the 20th anniversary of my first meeting Mrs. SnakePit there. So I wasn’t able to go to the game. We were in the sports book at SLS Las Vegas (now back to being the Sahara), decked out in our D-backs shirts. We were the only mad fools present there to be paying attention to the game, but I think our enthusiasm (or “yelling and screaming”, if you prefer!) won over the neutrals by the end. I can’t remember a more draining experience of baseball. It might be a cliche to say so, but right from the first inning, it was a real roller-coaster of emotions. 6-0 up after three, it looked like a laugher. Then I blinked, and the Rockies had the tying run at the plate, as Greinke trudged off the mound before the next half-inning was over.

It seemed insane at the time for Lovullo to let Archie hit for himself, but I guess the bench and bullpen were basically burned. I was resigned to Archie going to the eighth with a one-run lead, and couldn’t believe it when he smashed the ball into the left-center gap. Good job too, since I think he was way hyped the next inning, handing those two runs back on home-runs to Arenado and Story. But with hindsight, it didn’t matter. It was entirely the kind of insanity that this game was always going to produce, and it probably means Archie Bradley will never have to buy a drink in Arizona.

Makakilo: Wild horses would not have kept me from being there. The Diamondback wild-card game was the first playoff game in a long, long time. I got my awesome tickets early in case it sold out. I flew a redeye to Phoenix. My joy was huge because I was at the game! Beyond counting, often I stood to cheer as the Diamondbacks showed they were winners. Loud is not a big enough word - cheers were booming. When Archie Bradley hit his triple, I felt booming cheers that sent waves beyond my ears and through my body. I instinctively knew history when I felt it being made. Archie Bradley’s triple made a game-winning difference, which was a rare and beautiful event, made more splendid by being there.

Jack: We had good seats, lower bowl between the on Deck Circle. It was a great and exciting game, although I was frustrated by Greinke’s performance and how well the Rockies bats were doing. I had a long debate with a scout friend of mine before the game about how overrated the Rockies offense was. So of course they were hitting again in Chase. I remembered Archie coming up with a big hit in San Diego earlier in the year, and somehow it didn’t seem totally strange to let him hit.

Of course the moment itself was incredible. Hair stand up on the back of your neck kind of excitement. But giving up two homers the next inning to make it a one run game again threw a little cold water on the achievement for me. I couldn’t help but feel at the time that he failed to close the deal and let his emotions drain too much out of him. Still it was a great moment for him and for the team. We got a glimpse of Ketel Marte’s future greatness in that game, as he tripled from both sides of the plate.

Turambar: What. A. Day. The Brute Squad was in full effect in the left field bleachers and I was ready both in mind and body for an epic playoff game. As Keegan wrote above, one of the most vivid memories I have of that game was Goldy’s moon shot, which landed not too far from us. That really set our already wild section in to a fever pitch. Shortly thereafter, with yet more runs tacked on, most of us found the Rockies to be adorable for even showing up to play. Then of course the wheels fell right off our pitching staff and the game that should have been a laugher turned into a thriller.

Archie’s play pretty much embodied the zanny need-to-keep-scoring-runs-against-Colorado strategy the game descended into at the time and I remember high fiving and hugging those around me as Archie rounded 2nd heading for 3rd. Even when things seemed “safe” after that play the game never was even close to being comfortable. Just a wild roller coaster, from when Grienke got pulled, until the very final out.