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Saturday Sporcle: Shortstops of the Diamondbacks Decade

Nick Ahmed. And, then...

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

140 people took up last week’s challenge, which was centered on second-base. The average score there was 37%, with three people managing to name every player. Well done to them. You must get up very early. :) Unsurprisingly, Ketel Marte was the most well-known, being correctly entered on over 95% of entries. The least recognized was Jake Elmore: less than 8% of you remembered September 24, 2012, when he made his one and only starts at second-base as a Diamondback. Can really blame you too much for that.

This time, we move to the other side of the bag, and invite you to name the 18 men who started at shortstop for the Diamondbacks this decade. That makes it one of the more consistent and stable positions. Five men reached three digits, most of whom were talked about during the week by Michael [note that the numbers there are based on games played, while we use starts here, so there will be differences]. But how many of the others can you remember? Double-digits should be the aim here, I think. There are only two one-game wonders, with the median starts about a dozen.

As usual, last names only are fine, and here’s the link for those of you on mobile. Feel free to post your greatest hits and worst misses in the comments.