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Heath Bell inexplicably not voted into Hall of Fame

Some shortstop did get in though.

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Rich Pilling/Getty Images

In what will surely go down in baseball history as being among the greatest travesties of all-time, not only was Heath Bell not voted in, but neither were any of the other former Diamondbacks making their first appearance on the ballot. There will be no Cooperstown acceptance speeches this summer for Adam Dunn, Brad Penny, J.J. Putz or Jose Valverde either. Instead, that honor goes to Eric Yeter (if my hastily-scrawled notes are right), who I think was on the losing side in the 2001 World Series.

Okay, that’s enough sarcasm for now. Derek Jeter and Larry Walker were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The worst-fielding shortstop in Yankees history didn’t get the unanimous selection many expected, with one brave soul among the 397 who voted, opting to leave him off their ballot. Walker was a bit more of a surprise, getting in on his final attempt, received 304 votes (76.6%) and will become the first man to enter Cooperstown wearing a Rockies’ uniform. Curt Schilling remains outside, but moved up to 70% of the ballots, so still seems to have a shot.

Dunn, Penny and Putz each received a single vote, not enough to be back next year, while Bell and Valverde were shut out complete. Bell will therefore not need to throw his party... We’ll have the results of the SnakePit Hall of Fame balloting, at some point in the next few days.