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Sunday Sporcle: Second basemen of the Diamondbacks Decade

Aaron Hill. And, then...

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Slightly later this week, since I didn’t want to interrupt Mr. McDermott’s surge of prospect-related pieces! Fortunately, both weekend days start with an S, so the title works just as well today as yesterday... This one is probably a little easier than the nightmare which was the 1B list. The average score on that one was just 25%. Only three names were guessed by more than 60% of players: Jake Lamb (83.6%), Christian Walker (88.4%) and some guy called Paul - what disturbs me is that two of the 189 people to take the quiz DIDN’T get him... Oh, and the least well-known first-baseman of the decade was Danny Dorn, correctly named by a mere five participants.

This one should be a little less tough. The median number of starts across the 25 men to have manned second-base last decade is thirty, considerably more than the... four starts it was at first-base. At that position, it was basically Goldschmidt and his stunt doubles. [And if that’s the case, Goldy was the Jackie Chan of first-basemen.] Here, most of the candidates stuck around for a moderate length of time, so probably have a better chance of having made the necessary impression on your memory.

Here’s the quiz, or a link if you’re on mobile. You should definitely be aiming for above 50%, with 16 a good goal.