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Arizona Diamondbacks’ Play of the Decade poll nominations

Ten years. Ten plays. Which will make it on into the final?

National League Wild Card Game Photo by Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks/Getty Images

I tend to think this one will eventually come down to one of two contenders: Ryan Roberts’ walk-off grand-slam in 2011, or Archie Bradley’s 2017 wild-card triple. Those two are being given a bye through the initial qualification process, and will go straight through into the final round. [Roughly translated, anyone who says “But what about Archie Bradley’s triple?” in the comments will receive an air-strike] But we need to find some others to go with them - and, let’s face it, it’s always fun to watch some great D-backs highlights. Thankfully, we’ve been awarding a Play of the Year in our ‘Pitties each year of the decade, so below you’ll find one potential candidate for further consideration, based heavily off that list of winners.

1st Sep, 2010: Brandon Allen, Come from behind grand-slam

4th Oct, 2011: Paul Goldschmidt playoff grand-slam

9th Sep, 2012: Adam Eaton double-play.

9th June, 2013: Gerardo Parra’s bare-hand force

8th Aug, 2014: David Peralta steals home

18th Sep, 2015: A.J. Pollock catch at wall

1st Oct, 2016: Bradley fields come-backer

8th Aug, 2017: Jake Lamb grand-slam vs. Dodgers

18th June, 2018: Dyson’s tremendous leaping grab

12th June, 2019: Ahmed nabs Kingery after review

Rather than a poll, we’ll be doing this based on the comments, as follows.

  • If you see a play mentioned in the comments you think should be one of the nominees, you should rec that comment. You can also reply to that comment with your explanation of why they should be a nominee
  • If you do not see a play mentioned in the comments, you think should be one of the nominees, you should write a new comment with that play (as above) ONLY as the subject. You can then explain in the body of the comment your reasons why.
  • You can also nominate any other plays that were not listed above. Include a link to the video of the play, and explain why.
  • If you want to nominate multiple plays, please do so - just use one comment for each, so they can be individually rec’d.
  • Duplicate comments for the same play will be removed.
  • The three comments with the most recs will probably become the nominees in the final ballot for play of the decade, joining the Roberts’ slam and Bradley triple. I say “probably” because as ever, the judging panel are omnipotent and omniscient.