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Saturday Sporcle: First basemen of the Diamondbacks Decade

This may be the hardest quiz we have ever inflicted on you

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images

When one player dominates a position for the entire decade, this relegates everyone else to dark. cobweby, forgotten corners of memory. No prizes for guessing that Paul Goldschmidt started most at first-base for Arizona in the 2010’s. With slightly more than SEVEN times as many games as anyone else for the decade. But I was surprised to learn that twenty-eight other players also started at first for Arizona over that time. Though a majority (15) did so on less than a handful of occasions, and eight got only a single start. But there were a couple of the list where I went, “Wait, what?” and had actually to check and confirm this was the case. [Have this example as a freebie. Dear god, just look at that line-up overall. LOOK AT IT]

You will therefore probably end up simply listing off random D-backs in an effort to get some of these names. There are men on here that I had simply forgotten - or perhaps, never really knew - were on our roster. And I am still not convinced these results are not some kind of elaborately crafted joke at my expense, carried out by Baseball Reference. So I want you to know, I just clicked the buttons here. As usual, last names only are fine. If you end up getting half the names here, I’d say you probably deserve some kind of merit badge for your efforts. Here’s a link if you’re on mobile.