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Snake Bytes 9/9: Couldn’t Close it Out

The D-backs had only three hits and were lucky to be leading going into the final two innings when the bullpen couldn’t hold it.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 3, Reds 4

Mike Leake continued his improvement, pitching into the seventh inning. The D-backs were supported by MVP candidate Ketel Marte, still hard to believe how good he has been this year, who hit a home run in the fifth inning. After Leake’s exit however, it took six relievers to get six outs and the game was lost. The Cubs lost as well, but now the Brewers are back where the Diamondbacks are in the Wild Card hunt. Last time the Diamondbacks lost a tough one to the Dodgers, they just started a new streak. Time to repeat that effort.

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Marte Making MVP Case

Is Marte the new Goldy? Showed promised, signed a team friendly long-term deal and is now crushing it. His numbers are arguably better than Goldy at his best plus, plus he can play multiple positions in the middle of the field. Now he just needs a nickname, Marty? That might not work as well as Goldy.

D-backs Set for Queens Clash with Mets

Merrill Kelly starts the four-game series in NY against Jacob deGrom and the Mets. Kelly hasn’t been spectacular this year, but he pitches every fifth day which has been indispensable. Hopefully, he can build off his last great start.

D-backs Farm Rumblings

The D-backs have several affiliates making the September playoffs. Does it matter? Maybe it does for players needing rehab. Besides, prospects need some high pressure work and towns like Visalia need something to do other than marvel at giant trees.

Around MLB

Why is FIP Higher or Lower Than ERA?

This FanGraphs article explains the mystery of it all.

ESPN Power Rankings

The Wild Card race is heating up, the D-backs are rising and many teams are involved. Should be a fun finish this year.