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Monday Memes 9/9: A Return to Semi-Quality

Kilnborn’s comment has inspired better memes. All of them, better memes.

Yesterday’s loss aside, the Diamondbacks are HOT! Hot-fire just like the memes I spent hours upon hours in making. I’ve ignored my family, my children, my responsibilities to slave over this greasy pan of semi-quality D-backs memes. I know once you see these memes, you will be begging Jim for an article rec button - that I may be crowned meme-lord supreme of Until Jim adds that button, you are forced to rec a peer’s meme in the comments below. Pity. The snakepitter with the most recd meme will win a carne asada burrito courtesy of Turambar the very next time you see him.

Original idea by Keegan



From r/azdiaomdbacks