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DBacks Blank Reds 2-0

Alex Young spins a gem, Jimmie Sherfy gets the clutch save

Arizona Diamondbacks v Cincinnati Reds
Alex young Fields bunt, spins and fires strike to Walker
Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

Alex Young had a masterpiece outing, throwing 8 shutout innings in perhaps the best game by a Diamondbacks starter all year. Working efficiently, he gave up just 2 hits, walked 1, and struck out a career high 12.

Luis Castillo almost matched him, going 7 2/3, allowing 2 runs on 3 hits, 3 walks, and 10 K’s.

Both DBacks runs scored in the 4th, on a Ketel Marte single and Christian Walker groundout.

The Dbacks had opportunities to pad the lead, but were unable to do so. They had runners on in the 7th and 8th, but could not score. Then in the top of the 9th they had bases loaded and nobody out. Kevin Gausman relieved, and struck out the side, getting Carson Kelly, Abraham Almonte, and Jarrod Dyson swinging .

Andrew Chafin came out to pitch the bottom of the 9th and failed. He allowed a leadoff single to Alex Blandino. He managed to strike out Phillip Ervin, but then walked Joey Votto on 4 pitches. After that dreadful appearance, Jimmie Sherfy was called on to face Eugenio Suarez. He promptly struck him out on three straight sliders.

Up stepped Aristedes Aquino to the plate. The 6’4” Dominican slugger with the OPS over 1000 and 15 HR in just 150 PA went down swinging on a slider down and away as well.

Carson Kelly deserves credit for catching a great game today. As Bob Brenly pointed out, Young didn’t shake him off once the entire day.

For the rest of this recap, I’m going to post my “Scorecard” style play by play. It includes commentary as I went. Some may like it, especially if they missed the game. Some will think it kinda sucks. Just trying something new. I’m not as creative as the wonderful writers we have here, but I hope some enjoy.

T-1 Luis Castillo Pitching

Dyson: 5-3

Marte: 1-3

Escobar: Pop-5

Castillo came out throwing the most effortless 97 MPH fastball you’ll see, and retired the DBacks easily in order.

B-1 Alex Young Pitching

Ervin: 4-3

Votto: BB

Suarez: K (couldn’t check swing)

Aquino: Pop-3

Young worked around the Walk to Votto and got the two big sluggers easily.


Walker: K (3 pitches, Down swinging over a Change)

Flores: F-8

Rojas: K (Swinging at another changeup down.)

One questionable strike call early in the AB to Rojas, but he was a little too demonstrative again. That’s not helping him. Just 22 pitches for Castillo through two innings.


Iglesias: 6-3

Galvis: F-8, (just shy of the warning track)

Casali: K (Swinging over the top of a Curve)

Young almost matching Castillo in efficiency 30 pitches through 2 IP


Ahmed: K (on another changeup. DBacks can’t lay off)

Kelly: K (Caught looking at changE right on edge. Great pitch. Laying off does no good either)

Young: K

Castillo has struck out 5 of the last 6 hitters he’s faced. Hitless through 3


VanMeter: 1-3. (Young pounces on bunt to 3rdbase side, spins, throws a strike to Walker)

Castillo: K looking

Ervin: K swinging, Chanegup

Young also with 3 hitless innings.


Dyson: BB (Stole 2ndwhile Marte Batting)

Marte: Single (GB up the middle, Dyson Scores)

Escobar: Double (Marte to 3rd. VanMeter got glove on the fly to LF corner but didn’t make play)

Walker: 1-3 (GB off Castillo, Marte Scores, Escobar to 3rd)

Flores: L-9. (Lineout to Aquino, throws rocket strike to home, Escobar can’t tag)

Rojas: BB

Ahmed: 6-4

7 men came to the plate and the DBacks take a 2-0 lead. Ketel Marte, AKA #KMVP came through with another big hit to drive in the first run of the game.


Votto: F-7 (Nice sliding catch by Rojas in the LCF gap as he fights the sun)

Suarez: K (swinging over curve again)

Aquino: K Swinging

9 pitch 4thinning for Young, with no hits, and 6 K’s so far. Tremendous shutdown inning through the heart of the order! (With some help from the defense)


Kelly: L-4 (Sharp liner over 2b bag, but Galvis shifted and makes leaping catch to rob basehit)

Young: K

Dyson: E-4 (Slicing low LD that goes off Galvis’ glove for the error)

Marte: F-8

Bounce back inning for Castillo. Pitch count at 71


Iglesias: Single (Infield hit, beats the throw from Ahmed, first hit allowed by Young)

Galvis: L-9, DP (Dyson makes sliding catch on sinking liner after late break, doubles off Iglesias who was running on the play)

Casali: K looking

Young gets a break on the Lineout DP, getting through 5 scoreless on just 65 pitches


Escobar: K. (Swinging on Change down)

Walker: 4-3. (Shifted over to right of 2B, takes away a hit)

Flores: 1-3

10 Pitch, 1-2-3 Inning for Castillo. Pitch count just 81.


VanMeter. F-8. (First pitch hacking)

Castillo: K, 2-3

Ervin: K

10 pitch inning, 9 K’s matches career high. DBacks holding 2-0 Lead


Rojas: K (Swinging at Change, but 8 pitch at bat, made him work)

Ahmed: E-6 (Error charged to Iglesias, but Votto stumbled getting to bag as ball sailed over his head)

Kelly: 4-6-3

The double play prone Carson Kelly hit into his 11thDP this year. His DP% is 17% vs. League Avg 10.6%


Votto: K (looking at cutter)

Suarez: 6-3

Aquino: F-7

Young has retired 8 in a row, and set a new career high with 10 K’s


Young: K (Called out on ball in off the plate)

Dyson: K (Called out on ball up and in off the plate)

Marte: BB

Escobar: Single (Squibber groundball on a jam shot)

PITCHING CHANGE: Castillo removed, Joey Kuhnel, RHP relieves

Walker: K (Swinging, FB , top of zone, strands 2)

Felt like this inning could have been more. Trip Gibson didn’t help with bad strike calls. Walker’s timing has been off all day. Dbacks 1 for 5 W/ RISP today.


Iglesias: K Swinging 8thpitch of AB

Galvis: F-9

Casali: Single (Groundball kicked off third base bag and caromed into the air)

VanMeter: K (Looking at fastball at top of zone!)

8 Scoreless innings for Alex Young, amazing outing. 2 hits, 1 walk, 12 strikeouts, 109 Pitches. Probably got a call his way on that last pitch to VanMeter


Flores: Single (Line drive to left) Locastro Pinch Runs for Flores. Steals 2b while Rojas batting

Rojas: BB

Ahmed: BB

PITCHING CHANGE: Kuhnel pulled after loading bases with nobody out, Kevin Gausman on to relieve

Kelly: K

Almonte: K

Dyson: K

Gausman incredibly strikes out the side with nobody out and the bases loaded. The Dbacks fall to 1 for 8 with RIPS on the day and head to the bottom of the 9thclinging to a 2-0 lead. I am cursing a little bit


Andrew Chafin Pitching

Blandino: Single

Ervin: K

Votto: BB (4 pitches !, I’m cursing a lot now)

PITCHING CHANGE: Jimmie Sherfy on to relieve

Suarez: K Swinging on 3 sliders

Aquino: K Swinging at a slider

Ball game ! Sherfy with a clutch save, picking up Andrew Chafin

Bells and Whistles:

Fangraphs Box

Uncle Sam wants Alex Young. +.526 WPA

Jimmie Sherfy for Vice President: +.198 WPA

Andrew Chafin , fired into the sun. -.107 WPA

Roll Call

COTN goes to NikT77 for some very cool linkage !

With the victory the DBacks climb within 2 games of the Cubs for the 2nd Wild Card Slot. The Cubs and Brewers, and Phillies and Mets are just starting their games as this is being finished up.

Series Finale is tomorrow at 10:10 A.M. Arizona Time, Mike Leake will face off against Anthony Descalfani.