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Snake Bytes 9/30: A Nice Way to End it

A season ending walk-off, a strong September, and return of Taijuan Walker for the Diamondbacks finishes a respectable 85 win year.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 1, Padres 0

It took 5 pitchers for the D-backs to earn the shutout required to set up Locastro’s walk-off in the ninth to register the games’ only run in the finale. It was nice to see Taijuan Walker get in an inning after mostly missing the last two seasons.

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Five Questions Facing the Offseason for the D-backs

These questions are about five players on the team, Marte, Ahmed, Ray, Lamb, and an empty right field. I’m sure there are even more questions for us to ponder over the next several months.

Archie Bradley is Strong Candidate to Close Next Year

Seems like this has become an annual question. At least heading into next year, he will have some experience in the role and would not be a poor choice.

Christian Walker’s First Full Season Measures Up to Paul Goldschmidt

This could be an argument about one player’s floor being another player’s ceiling, but Christian Walker filled in admirably for the traded star.

Taijuan Walker’s Return May Be a Hopeful Sign for Next Year’s Pitching

The Diamondbacks have a lot of questions about how they will shape their starting rotation next year. Unclear how Walker will be in it, but they might have to count on him.

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The Postseason Bracket Has Been Finalized

Should be a fun one to predict.