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Let’s go, Astros!

D-backs fans have spoken, and Houston tops our ranking of preferred World Series winners.

MLB: ALCS-Houston Astros Workouts Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

There was a field for comments on the form as well, of which some people took advantage. So I’ll just drop these in here, without comment. before we get to the final rankings.

  • go dodgers #dbacksfordodgers
  • Astros!
  • Astros first because have always had a soft spot for them, since the Tucson Toros were their AAA affiliate in the 90’s (plus ZG, Miley, Hinch). Braves, followed them when TBS broadcasted all their games nationally. A’s because Bob Melvin. Rays are our expansion bros. Yankees, well, my Italian side of my family are Yankees fans and my best friend is too. 6-10 are “Eh, as long as I have the Dodgers last.” I do not think the Indians will make the post season so I put them 11. Justin27
  • While the rest of the Brewers seem okay, watching Ryan Braun celebrate a World Series after what he did in 2011 would sicken me to my core. I’d rather put Russ Ortiz (current Russ) in the starting 2020 rotation than watch that man talk about all the "hard work" he did to win a championship.
  • If it is not the Astros (?) then anyone in the National League! Diamondback fan
  • Brew Crew all the way
  • Twins because there aren't any former Dback bodies on their roster.
  • Kind of arbitrary, starting from the bottom. The Dodgers at the bottom are a given, then who I want least going up from there. Don’t really care who wins to be honest
  • FTD
  • Astros have the starting pitching!
  • The Indians are eliminated, but I still leave them above the Yankees and Dodgers

Yes, the Indians are now eliminated, but weren’t at the point the poll was started, I have, however, taken them out of the results below, but it does mean the rankings go from 1 to 11, i.e. if everyone had ranked Team X last, they would score eleven.

As for my own ranking, I was surprised how AL-heavy it was, especially considering my strong hatred of the designated hitter. The American League took the top four spots, with the sole exception being the Yankees, who were dropped to second-to-last. This turned out to be not too far from the overall results, where the AL had three of the top four. The Nationals were my top-ranked NL team, just ahead of the Cardinals; then a drop-off to the Braves, and another step down to the Brewers before we plummet into the abyss in order to find the final National League team.

There were 126 ballots cast, and here are the results, in descending order of preference.

  1. Astros (average ranking 3.8)
  2. Athletics (4.4)
  3. Cardinals (4.5)
  4. Twins (5.2)
  5. Braves (5.3)
  6. Rays (5.4)
  7. Brewers (5.7)
  8. Nationals (5.9)
  9. Yankees (9.2)
  10. Root-canal work (9.25)
  11. Amoebic dysentery (9.3)
  12. Urethra paper-cut (9.35)
  13. Global pandemic (9.4)
  14. Meteor strike (9.45)
  15. Zombie apocalypse (9.5)
  16. Greta-level mass extinction event (9.55)
  17. Dodgers (9.6)