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Monday Memes 9/30: Aannnd the Season’s Over

What a season it was for the Arizona Diamondbacks and also for us here at These weekly meme pieces are a lot harder to put together than I had imagined they would be - thanks to all you commentators and memers, we have done great things here each Monday. The hilarity flowed, the roastings were hot-fire, and Suroeste won so much DC wanted me fired. This will be the season finale of Monday Meme’s and I don’t suspect it shall return until Spring Training, so there will be no set theme. The Snakepitter with the most rec’d meme will win a free beer from me the next time I see you, fall league, spring training, hiking, whenever, bro.

Thanks to everyone for reading and participating in’s 2019 Monday Memes. Cheers.