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Preview, #160: 9/27 vs. Padres

Hopefully, tonight’s game will be... groovy.

“X Burlesque’s” 11th Anniversary Party Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

Today's Lineups

Greg Garcia - 2B Tim Locastro - CF
Nick Martini - LF Wilmer Flores - 2B
Manny Machado - 3B Eduardo Escobar - 3B
Eric Hosmer - 1B Christian Walker - 1B
Josh Naylor - RF Adam Jones - RF
Manuel Margot - CF Josh Rojas - LF
Luis Torrens - C Nick Ahmed - SS
Luis Urias - SS Carson Kelly - C
Eric Lauer - LHP Taylor Clarke - RHP

Having caught up on sleep after Tuesday night’s marathon recap, I’m ready to take the mound again as the final series of the year gets under way. However, I’ll be recapping this one after the event, because tonight Mrs. S and I are off to see Evil Dead: The Musical. This should be fun, if a bit messy. I believe our seats are in the so-called “splash zone”, and we will be bringing rain capes to cover us from the gore which is going to be flying around. Not sure quite when that’ll finish, or how long it’ll take me to wash the corn syrup off, to the point where I dare approach a keyboard. But Mike will be delivering a quick recap to tide you over until I am... less sticky.

For all the talk of a September slump, it hasn’t been that bad a month for the D-backs. With three to play, they have a 12-11 mark, so the only way they can have a losing record in September, is if they get swept by the Padres. And if that happens... well, they deserve it! Regardless, it has been a huge improvement over the 8-19 implosion which cost the team a post-season spot last September. It would also require a sweep for Arizona not to surpass last year’s mark of 82-80, since they currently sit at 82-77. While there have been ups and down, successes and failures, considering the players lost last winter (and at the trade deadline), this year has to be considered a success.

It’s going to be a loose kind of series, with the pitching for the Diamondbacks a grab-bag of stuff, beginning with Taylor Clarke tonight. It’s his first actual start since August 17, when he was bumped from the rotation. He has been all over the place this year: he has wins against the Yankees and Dodgers under his belt, but also lost twice to the Giants. At least with the expanded September rosters, there should be no shortage of arms... unless the game goes another 19 innings this evening. In which case, Ash probably won’t be the only person cutting things up with a chainsaw tonight!