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Snake Bytes 9/27: And then there were three

And so begins the final season of the 2019 season

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AL Division Series - Toronto Blue Jays v. Texas Rangers - Game Three
A photo from outside Globe Life Park, which will cease being the Rangers’ home ball park after this final series

The final series of the season is always bittersweet. On the one hand, I am still grateful for another three days of baseball before the Long, Cold Offseason. On the other hand, I can feel that chill already starting to seep through my radio, almost as if it knows it will be six months before the dulcet tones of Greg Schulte and Tom Candiotti blast out of its speakers. Around baseball, however, the excitement is reaching its peak, with the playoff line up still to be decided. As I said, bittersweet.

Diamondbacks News

(Arizona Sports) What to watch for in the Diamondbacks’ final series

The Arizona Diamondbacks enter the final series of the year with a 82-77 record, the third-straight season that they finished above .500 but also the second consecutive year without a postseason appearance.

You could watch for these things, or just enjoy Sedona Red-tinged baseball one last time.

(The Athletic) How one Diamondbacks fan refused to let going blind dim his love for baseball

Zach Buchannan over at The Athletic has been doing a series of profiles on different fans he encounters as the season progresses. They’ve all been good articles, but this one about Justin Yarborough might be the best one yet.

(Yahoo! Sports) New Padres manager knows Diamondbacks well

[Rod] Barajas will return to Arizona for a three-game weekend series that concludes the regular season, his first time back since being promoted to replace Andy Green when these teams met in San Diego last weekend. The Padres (70-89 overall) are 1-5 since the change.

Let’s give him the same welcome we gave Goldy. A series loss.

MLB News

(The Dallas Morning News) Goodbye to the Temple of Baseball; we’ll miss you

This weekend, the Rangers will play their last game in the current stadium, a stadium with flaws, but loved nonetheless. A stadium that is going to be abandoned and left because a billionaire wants a new toy. It sounds familiar.

( Will Miley’s tough September cost him October?

Miley, whose terrific season unraveled this month, allowed three runs, five hits and two walks and had been out of the game for hours by the time the Angels won it in walk-off fashion, 4-3, over the Astros in the 12th inning on a hard-hit ball by Andrelton Simmons that went for a tough error on first baseman Kyle Tucker.

Old friend alert :-(

(Lookout Landing) King Félix lays his crown to rest

The score was always destined to be insignificant. Tonight’s recipe was celebration of greatness, stuffed full of nostalgia, and sprinkled with hope for one last bit of magic. Every moment felt hyperreal, like if ‘Truman’s Show’ were set in a ballpark. Tonight, under the lights of T-Mobile Park as the home starter for the final time, King Félix made the game interactive as he did for so many years. He brought the crowd in, and let us all feel, without a hint of obfuscation, that he was living and dying with each of his pitches the same as we were.

( Here’s everything at stake this weekend

Postseason spots, home-field advantages, single-season records and major award cases are all in the balance as Major League Baseball enters the final weekend of its regular season. Here’s everything you should keep an eye on as we enter the final 72 hours.

(CBC) ‘A dream of mine’: How a Toronto man visited every major league baseball stadium in U.S. and Japan

When it comes to baseball, Russ Tiffin is willing to go the extra mile — well, several thousand of them, actually.

The Torontonian has recently completed a long time goal of visiting every major league baseball stadium in the United States and Japan.