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Snake Bytes 9/23: Typical Ray

Robbie Ray pitched to a familiar line with a bunch of strikeouts, too many walks, and not enough innings. The Padres won it with unfamiliar name walking it off.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 4, Padres 6

The D-backs managed to put up an early lead for Robbie Ray by putting up 4 runs in the second inning. By the sixth inning, the Padres got back to even by exploiting a common issue with Robbie Ray this year. Hard to go deep into a game with the high pitch counts that come by striking out and walking batters. Assuming Ray comes back this year, it might be time to consider using him as a hard-throwing left-handed reliever.

The D-backs scored all their runs in the second inning, but went cold after that. A walk-off by Mejias-Brean ended the game.

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Walk-off Loss Puts D-backs’ Chances on the Brink

It is only barely mathematically possible heading into the last week of the season. But I am sure after the Goldy trade and the later trade of Greinke, being mathematically possible at this point might be a pleasant surprise for the year. In fact, it was just a couple weeks ago that the D-backs actually were ahead of the Brewers. After a New York Mets sweep, the two teams went in opposite directions.

Young Looks to Beat Goldy and Cards

It might be time to consider rooting for Goldy to make a run this year. Good for him. It’s not like he pulled an Antonio Brown to find a new team.

D-backs Plan Tribute for Return of Goldschmidt

I am sure he will get some love in this game. Perhaps when he retires, his number will be retired. Too much success with the Cardinals may change the thought process on that one.

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