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Pit Your Wits ‘19: Week 27

We now enter the final week to enter the championship round!

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, I would like to apologize to the entire city of Tucson for the multiple, grievous spelling errors that were made in last week’s edition of this series. Hopefully your families, homes, and economy will be able to recover from the horrendous tragedy that you suffered at the hands of this author last week. /sarcasm

I kid because I care folks ;-)

Last week, I asked you to tell me why Derrek Hall was making different Nevada cities sign NDA’s if he wasn’t actively trying to move the team to a different state. Only one comment got multiple likes. Slightly ironically, that one person was TuCsonTim

In second place... well, second place is kind of a mess this week. We have a seven way tie with one rec each. As the sole arbiter of the process here at PYW’s, I will not be taking a screen shot and reposting all seven winners. Instead, one point each to:





Jack Sommers!



Pit Your Wits: Second Half

Contestant Score
Contestant Score
TylerO 27
Jack Sommors 25
TucsonTim 14
NikT77 12
AzRattler 8
Rockkstarr12 5
GuruB 4
piratedan7 4
MrMrrbi 3
Makakilo 3
Justin27 2
AzDbacksFanInDC 1

Going into the final prompt of the season, Jack still trails Tyler by just two points. TucsonTim slipped by NikT for the third spot on the podium. Still too close to call, with even Nik and Tim close enough that one final push could vault them into the top spot.

For all that, however, we need one more prompt. The season is coming to a close. More thank likely, we will be cheering on former Diamondbacks in the playoffs instead of current ones. I want you to write a review of the seasons like you would on, so don’t forget the star ratings. Go!