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Diamondbacks 9, Padres 0: A Beercap to Herald the End of Summer

Padres & D-backs waive goodbye to summer and baseball

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Record: 79-75. Pace: 83-79. Change on 2018: 0.

Finally. I can take extended walks outside without contemplating heat exhaustion.

Finally. My fiancee and I can walk our dog without searing her little paws to the pavement.

Finally summer is at an end.

For just about all of us that is truly something to rejoice over, but sadly enough we must mourn the death of this baseball season. It was a hard fought battle, but ultimately injuries, roster gaps and time did us in.

That brings us to tonight’s game again the Padres. The very same Padres picked by many of the media talking heads to have a stellar year. Those same talking heads said we’d be cellar dwellers all year long.

Thanksfully the 2019 Dbacks proved just about everyone wrong, though just not quite emphatically enough to make the playoffs.

Beer 1: The Hype is Real by Local Craft Beer

Yes, I’ve written with this beer before. It was godsend. The end.

The 1st inning ends with zero drama in either frame (outside of another spectacular play by Ahmed) Nothing more than that, and that’s fine, a W is all that matter to me, and with a beer in hand I’m mostly patient.

Fireworks aplenty in the 2nd. A walk, a single and a challenged play going our way, which leads to Carson Kelly driving in 2runs with a single. Welcome back to productivity Kelly!!!! 2-0 Dbacks

M. Kelly cruises through the 2nd. Really curious to see what his contribution will be like going in to next season. Not expecting a lot, but hoping for the same production he’s shown us this year.

Dbatts fall silent in the 3rd, despite a 2out walk. I’m coining that term btw. My lawyers with speak to to yours should you try to take it.

Beer 2: Bubblestar Princess IPA by Odd 13

It’s manly to order a beer that doesn’t sound manly. I dare you to tell me otherwise. It sure is crazy good, so that’s a plus.

No drama in the bottom side of 3rd, as Merrill continues to hold court.

Lauer walks Ahmed in the 4th, his 4th BB of the game, but the Dbacks can’t capitalize and the burden once more falls to Kelly to keep things on course.

Beer 3: Cucumber Kolsch by Highwater Brewing

Look, I had to mix it up, if only a little bit. Not to mention it’s fitting to have a very summer time beer (refreshing and smooth) just as the summer comes to a close.

Kelly once again effortlessy cuts through the Padres in the bottom of the 4th, but our Dbatts follow along the same path in the 5th. More breathing room please...2-0 Dbacks.

The bottom of the 5th and top of the 6th continue to hold no surprises as both pitchers are doing quite well, even Lauer who despite allowing 2runs has struck out 9 through 6 innings. That’s no mean feat.

Beer 4: 4th Anniversary Double Hazy by Second Chance Beer Co and Ale Smith

Carson Kelly leads off the 7th with yet another single. Seems like rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated indeed.

Rojas hustles out an infield single/error bringing up Escobar with two men on and two outs, but a questionable strikeout ends the inning.

The fun doesn’t stop there though as the generous strike leads to sting words from our dugout. I’m guessing comments involving cataracts or other vision impairing conditions. Just saying.

Regardless the outcome is apparently that Hisnke is banished from this game. Meh.

Still would have like more insurance runs, but Kelly once again dominates and we’re on to the 8th still up 2-0. Yar!!!!!

Walker leads off the 8th with a double and Jones brings him home soon after with an RBI single. 3-0 Dbacks

Still in the 8th and Carson Kelly makes contact leading to Machado tagging out .......or not tagging out Jones for the 3rd our. Wow. Just wow.

Bases loaded with 2outs after a Lamb line-out and Wingenter allows another run, this time with a walk, and we’re at 4-0 Dbacks.

Rojas follows those heroics up with a bases clearing double in the 4th and it’s now 7-0 Dbacks!

Flores drives in another two runs and this 8th inning is proving to be catastrophic for the Padres. I’m down with this. 9-0 Dbacks.

Bells and Whistles by Jim

Having spent the night watching Anna, I popped in just in time to see Rojas’s bases-clearing double and the rest of the big inning. I enjoyed it very much, and gave Turambar the rest of the night off, with the game basically in the bag. Yoan Lopez and Jimmie Sherfy took things the rest of the way, despite an Adam Jones error in the bottom of the ninth. The D-backs completed the three-hit shutout of the Padres: their tenth of the season, and the biggest margin, surpassing the 8-0 win over Colorado on July 5. Wilmer Flores and Carson Kelly each had two-hit nights, the latter also getting a walk, which Christian Walker reached base four times, on a hit and three walks.

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Marc Bolan and T. Rex: Merrill Kelly, +41.5%
Black Sabbath: C. Kelly, +18.2%; Jones, +10.4%
The Bay City Rollers: Tim Locastro, -10.6%

A light game-day thread. making it into three figures, though not by much. It’s like people had other things to do. I know I did. :) Present were: AzRattler, GuruB, Jack Sommers, Jim McLennan, Justin27, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, NikT77, Rockkstarr12, Schilling2001, Snake_Bitten, kilnborn, ponus and samath. kilnborn was responsible for the only Sedona Red comment, but since it spoke ill of my lovingly-crafted previews, I’m with-holding any official recognition of it. :)

Back at Petco tomorrow, with a 5:40 pm first pitch. That game will see the return of Luke Weaver, though his start is going to be an abbreviated one. Good job we will have an almost fully-rested bullpen after Kelly’s fine performance tonight!