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Pit Your Wits ‘19: Week 24

Between my series preview before the Brewers series, and this last week of PYW’s, Jim is going to have a nice selection of my comments to choose from if the Diamondbacks manage to keep this hot streak going

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I asked you to come up with something more likely than the Diamondbacks making the playoffs. Since then, they’ve gone 6-1 (written before Sunday’s game), including three dramatic come from behind wins against the Dodgers, so I’m gonna go ahead and take credit. Partial credit will have to go to our winners, however. Leading the way on that front is TylerO!

Serious note, that would actually be a really cool amenity. It would never happen, but it would be really cool. In second place, Guru!

Rounding out our top three, DFFJ!

Tyler’s win this week let’s him sneak ahead Jack in our standings. DFFJ is lurking just outside the top three as it stands right now, and a virtual round of applause to Guru, joining the second half leader board for the first time!

PYW’s Second Half

Contestant Score
Contestant Score
TylerO 17
Jack Sommors 15
NikT77 12
AzRattler 8
GuruB 4
piratedan7 4
MrMrrbi 3
Rockkstarr12 3
Makakilo 2
AzDbacksFanInDC 1

Home run records are broken. Steroids broke them, and then the juiced ball seems to be finishing the job. I’m looking at you, Twins! The new ball doesn’t seem to be going away, and for better or worse Bonds and Co. are part of the sports history. The way I see it, the only way to fix this is new records. Come up with a new record that teams or players can pursue that hasn’t been mangled beyond recognition. Go!