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D-Backs Potpourri: Express Edition

A shorter edition this week, but we talk Baseball Gods, video game modes, me being an idiot, the usual.

MLB: Houston Astros at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Diamondbacks experiencing some delayed comeuppance? If you recall, the 2007 team won the NL West with a run differential of -20. Now, this year’s team sits at +76, third best in the NL, and yet does not currently occupy a playoff spot.

You may ask “Wouldn’t getting swept in the NLCS in 2007 be enough of a repentance to make peace with the Baseball Gods?” Well, that depends on your Baseball Gods denomination.

Let me explain, as someone who minored in Baseball Theology at the University of Arizona. Certain sects believe that they’re entitled to good things because of their status, and find that any deviation from that is unfair and that someone is interfering with the divine order. This is known as Yankeesism, or it’s recent breakoff sect Redsoxitude.

However, the opposite sect thinks that any good fortune will be immediately countered by bad fortune that spreads about decades, centuries, generations. This is Metsism. Those who follow that path may see the Diamondbacks mediocrity despite good run differential as a sign that their chosen theology is correct.

There are, of course, many other ways people worship/fear The Baseball Gods, but the latter example I gave might explain this crazy season, should you decide to prescribe to that philosophy.

Something that the next iteration of MLB The Show needs to do is bring back some facsimile of the ballpark editor you got all the way back in MVP 06:

You get customization of stadiums in various other modern sports video game franchises (NBA 2K and NHL let you design indoor arenas) so it stands to reason that the premier/only MLB video game franchise could steal a feature from a 13 year old PS2/XBox generation game. Of course, having the monopoly basically means you have no reason to innovate, because what the hell else are you gonna do, you’re stuck with us. Your electric company does the same thing.

Also, MVP 06 was a College Baseball game since EA lost the MLB license. Instead of making the menu music the obvious selection of college fight songs and the like, they decided to make the soundtrack “Borderline Emo that really hasn’t aged too well.” And you know what, I respect the hell out of that.

Speaking of video games, if you have a decent gaming PC and like both Civilization and XCom you should check out Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

While looking through past articles so I don’t repeat an artist or song for the bit I started doing at the end, I came across this:

Lol, look at this dumb asshole.

Then again, that’s been followed by a split against the Yankees, and series wins against the Nationals and Phillies. Those three teams can be described as “good, decent, and could be better.” whereas the Marlins and Orioles can be described as “Maybe I shouldn’t be inhaling these fumes, I’m starting to feel lightheaded.”

You can’t predict baseball. You can, however, predict a mediocre middle of the National League where no team has stood out from the rest.

Thanks as always for reading this shorter edition of D-Backs Potpourri, your long-time favorite segment that I started doing this year. Now run.