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Monday Memes 8/5: Deadline Memes

trading players, and trading cities.

I was quite surprised that Hazen was willing to move the #1 draft pick in a “buy move” for Gallen, a starting pitcher previously with Miami. I was even more surprised when my MLB at bat notified me that Greinke had been traded in a blockbuster move, to the Astros. For a moment while reading just the first few available details about the deal, I was shocked to see that Zack had been traded for some beer - I really read it that way. My mind instantly defined that deal as Greinke and his salary, for a case of beers. Then the Leake trade was announced shortly afterward. A whirlwind of baseball emotion surrounded me and my thoughts went from, “this is good” to, “ F THAT, SON! NOT GREINKE BRO!” It was a record breaking revenue day for this week’s drywall repair company. The memes have been a useful tool in my efforts to cope with the “for the greater good” loss of Greinke. Don’t even get me started on Derrick Hall’s emails with the Henderson City Council.

This week the memes focus on the trade moves, with a side of whatever you like. The snakepitter with the most rec’d meme will win a chance to pick me up from the auto shop and drive me home next Thursday when I drop my car off for A/C work. This package includes me heckling other drivers, you taking me to QT for a 40oz (each - my treat), and me letting you pet my dog when you drop me off. You can chill with your 40 if you want.

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