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Snake Bytes 8/26: Continue to Dominate When Two Games Under

According to my crude calculations, the D-backs are 9-1 in games played that started with them 2 games under pure mediocrity.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 5, Brewers 2

When Robbie Ray is right, he pitches 5 scoreless innings, walks 4 and strikes out 6 with 103 pitches. His numbers never cease to amaze me. Walker and Escobar homered as the D-backs took an early lead and managed to hold it to the end.

Considering the D-backs win 90% of games played when entering them 2 games under .500 this year, maybe it is time to pretend that is how the standings always look. Winning 27 of the next 31 games will surely mean playoffs. But just try to flip a coin 10 times and call it 9 times, see how long it takes.

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D-backs Farm Rumblings

The majors have another month but the minors are almost finished. September rules are different and it’s soon to start. Kevin Cron hitting a walk-off is always exciting though.

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