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Pit Your Wits ‘19: Week 23

Last week’s post went up at noon, like it almost always does. The winning comment? Posted at 12:05PM...

US-ENTERTAINMENT-MTV-VMA Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

There was no suspense in last week’s contest. It was like the Diamondbacks facing off against a Little League team... Clearly the Little Leaguers would trounce the Dbacks at this point. Jack ran away with it this week, posting an entry so convincing, most people didn’t even scroll past it, just rec’d it and moved on.

However, TylerO didn’t take it lying down this week. He responded just 49 minutes later with a post of his own that would have won just about any other week. It wasn’t any other week, though, so he’ll have to settle for a very strong second.

Rounding out our top three, and just eeking out everyone else who probably wasn't really given a fair shake, we find NikT77!

Pit Your Wits ‘19: Second Half

Contestant Score
Contestant Score
Jack Sommors 15
TylerO 12
NikT77 12
AzRattler 8
piratedan7 4
Makakilo 2
MrMrrbi 3
Rockkstarr12 3
AzDbacksFanInDC 1

Just goes to show the power of a rec, folks. Jack rides the wave of support all the way from fifth place on the leaderboard to first, with a bit of room to spare. With the season’s end inching closer every week, wins like Jack’s this get more and more impactful in the race to the postseason.

Speaking of the postseason, some disagree with me, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely that the Diamondbacks need to worry about playing baseball in the cooler months this year. Give me something more likely than a Diamondback post season appearance. Go!