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Guest recaps for July: Into the second half!

Just hope you don’t get a Taylor Clarke start...

Manager of the Year Photo by Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks/Getty Images

First off, apologies to Craig’s City Counsell, who should have been the guest recapper last Sunday. But I was in Scotland, and so completely failed to send him the instructions. Sorry about that: if you want to select any game this month, you’ll get priority, even if someone else has already chosen it. And with that said...

Every weekend throughout the regular season, we open the doors of the ‘Pit to any member as a guest recapper, who can cover the game from their own unique perspective. You do the recap of the game as a Fanpost, however you want. It can be light-hearted or not; stats-heavy or not, detailed or atmospheric - it’s all about your own voice. One of the editors then takes it, adds the bells and whistles like roll-calls and Fangraphs and it will appear on the front cover of the SnakePit. It’ll also be submitted to Google News, Yahoo! and a bunch of other outlets, so you can amaze your friends and impress your family! We’ll be on hand to help if you have questions on the day.

This is open to everyone: lurkers, commenters or writers elsewhere on the ‘Pit who fancy their hand at recappage. Each weekend has one guest slot open: we’re back to Sundays this month, which seems to work better, I think. To sign up, just post a comment, with the date of the game you want to cover. When I spot them, I’ll cross the games off the list. You’ll then get an email, a day or so before, with details. If you haven’t done it before, you need to reply at that point, confirming you’re still up for it. I tend to have more faith in repeat recappers!

Here’s the schedule for July: all times are Arizona, adjust for your location as appropriate. A nice split of home and away, and also facing all three divisions.