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So, are we having fun yet?

Any optimism shown at the beginning of the week, had likely gone by the end of Wednesday.

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Are you confident in the direction of the team: 38%/50% Yes

When we last checked in here, two weeks ago, confidence was at a fairly robust 76%. That did not last, as the Diamondbacks endured a winless week, losing six straight to Washington, Colorado and San Francisco. As a result, the yes votes were cut in half to 38% as we entered the final week of June. However, there was then a modest rebound in performance, as the team beat the Dodgers at home, and took a series on the road against the Giants. As a result, confidence ticked back up somewhat to 50%. Though that was before the horrors of the series in Los Angeles, with a pair of blown leads in the bottom of the ninth inning. So I suspect this will turn out to be more of a dead-cat bounce.

Do you approve of the job Torey Lovullo is doing as manager? 60%/78% YES

This showed a similar pattern, albeit to a somewhat dampened degree. Torey Lovullo came in with an 82% for his approval rating. That declined along with the team figure, and presumably for much the same reasons, during the losing streak, to 60%, and then rebounded to 78% as a result of the winning week. However, in both of these last two games, there would appear to be grounds for criticism of Lovullo’s tactics. In particular, staying with closer Greg Holland and letting him walk four consecutive batters one night. Then going back to the same well the following evening, despite Holland having thrown 30 pitches, with another blown save resulting.

Do all teams deserve to have a player at the All-Star Game? 54% YES

With the All-Star Game next week, this was a timely question, with a small majority in favor of the current approach. I can see both sides in this one. On the one hand, it would be better to allow the game to show off the very best that the major-leagues have to offer. On the other hand, the very best are likely to get in anyway; the players who miss out, in order to fulfill the current rules on representation, are likely to be around the 25th-32nd best in each league, rather less of a loss. It’s not likely that Mike Trout will miss out to make room for an Oriole. And now that the dumb “This time it counts” is no longer the case, it being a true exhibition game means the need for the “best” to play is diminished.