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Arizona Diamondbacks fans want pitching

We may not know what’s going away this trade deadline, but there’s little doubt on what’s seen as the team’s need.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

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What prospects do you want to see the D-backs get back at the trade deadline?

At the time of this poll at the beginning of the week, there was still a great deal of doubt over which Diamondbacks might be going at the trade deadline. Robbie Ray’s name was mentioned most often, but virtually everyone whose contract is up before 2021 has been brought up at some point, from Archie Bradley to Jarrod Dyson. But it’s clear what the Arizona fanbase wants to see coming back in any trades: pitching, pitching, and more pitching. Starting pitching was the choice of 65% of those who voted, while the bullpen came in at 26% - put them together, and that’s more than 90% who said pitching should be the team’s top priority. Infielders (3%) and outfielders (6%) barely got a look-in.

This might be a result of the state of our farm system at the present time. Using’s list as a guide, the D-backs have position players occupying the top five spots, with the highest-ranked pitcher the currently injured Jon Duplantier. Of the other names listed in the top 15, almost all are no higher than A-ball - with the exception of Taylor Widener, who has a 7.94 ERA with Reno (or “close to league average” as they call it in the PCL...). It certainly seems like a system which could use some help on the mound, in the upper tiers. But I find it’s interesting that relief pitching is seen as the most needed resource by more than a quarter of respondents: typically, bullpen arms in the farm tend to be “failed starters”.

Are you confident in the direction of the team: 33% Yes
Do you approve of the job Torey Lovullo is doing as manager? 55% Yes

Unsurprisingly, both numbers have dipped, as the team struggled against opposition widely perceived as inferior. Certainly, going 3-4 against the Orioles and Marlins did nothing to bolster fan confidence, as the team dropped onto the very fringes of the wild-card race. Team confidence dropped by ten percent from the figure two weeks ago, and as shown in the graph above, is now at a figure tied for the season low, originally set all the way back in week 2. Lovullo’s rating also dropped by the same amount, and is at its season low. I think his loyalty to failed closer Greg Holland, sticking with him when fandom had abandoned all hope, was likely a significant factor in the decrease there.

Remember when he was at 100% after Week 3? Ah, happy days... As usual, feel free to explain your choices, changes and opinions in the comment section.