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Arizona Diamondbacks Rumor Round-up: Deadline Eve edition

Could be convenient for the D-backs to be playing in Yankee Stadium...

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Twenty-five Diamondbacks walked into Yankee Stadium in New York this afternoon. But it’s anyone’s guess whether the same twenty-five will take the plane back to Arizona after tomorrow afternoon’s game there. The trade deadline falls at 1pm Arizona time, which is potentially going to be towards the end of that contest. A D-back could potentially be traded during the game - and quite possibly, even to the team in the opposing dugout. That kind of thing would be strange, but certainly not unprecedented. Just last year, the D-backs picked up reliever Jake Diekman from the Rangers while they played each other, and was driven by bullpen cart from clubhouse to clubhouse.

Back at the end of August 2009, Jon Garland was also traded to the Dodgers, during a game against them in Los Angeles. We wrote, “The news was formally broken on the Diamondbacks’ broadcast at 9:34, but the writing seemed on the wall earlier, given his departure from the Diamondbacks’ dugout just after the trade deadline at 9pm AZ time. He seemed to be saying his goodbyes to the team at that point, though somewhat surprisingly, he was one of the people high-fiving Justin Upton after his eighth-inning homer tied the game - which would have been after his trade!”

Robbie Ray is probably the man most likely to cross the front lines here. Bob Nightengale said yesterday, “Teams who have talked with the #Dbacks fully expect starter Robbie Ray to be dealt by Wednesday,” and there are no shortage of apparent suitors for the left-handed pitcher. Those Yankees appear particularly in need of starters, with their rotation undergoing a bit of a meltdown, and veteran C.C. Sabathia recently going on the IL with a knee problem. But as we have previously documented, there are plenty of other suitors, including the Twins, Brewers and Astros, though the underwhelming return Toronto got for their starter, Marcus Stroman, may have cooled Arizona’s interest in selling.

Still, there’s another team apparently interested. Perhaps surprisingly, the Mets are reported also to be “on Robbie Ray,” according to Andy Martino. He adds, the team “have sent Ruben Amaro to scout Ray, and have engaged in some level of talks with Arizona. Unclear how deep talks got.” The Mets seem unlikely to be looking towards this season, but with Ray under control for 2020 as well, this kind of move suggests they are trying to reload for next year instead. But the more teams interested in Ray, the better the D-backs’ chances of getting a decent prospect haul in return for him. Peter Gammons Tweeted out what he had been hearing in this regard:

Frazier is a corner outfielder, who would come with a lot of control, not being even arbitration eligible until 2021. The 24-year-old already has some major-league experience, hitting .262/.314/.474, an .787 OPS (106 OPS+) over 107 games, though his fielding is pretty shaky. Our colleagues at Pinstripe Alley wrote an entire article just last month on this very topic, entitled “How the Yankees can fix Clint Frazier’s defense,” which is never a good sign. He’s certainly made his share of defensive gaffes, something not likely to slip by the famously harsh audience in Yankee Stadium. He is currently in Triple-A, from where he sent out this unusual Tweet last night.

The mention of Bradley by Gammons is interesting, being the first “solid” rumor reported concerning the reliever this year. Andrew Chafin is the main name who has been mentioned, but Bradley offers an extra season of contract over Chafin, being under team control through the end of 2021. We’ll see what the next 24+ hours brings, in what has so far been a curiously quiet trade season - especially considering this is the first year that July 31 will represent a hard deadline.