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Snake Bytes 7/29: Familiar Theme

Ray got 11 strikeouts, but also gave up two home runs in the loss to the Marlins.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Miami Marlins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Marlins 5, Diamondbacks 1

The offense only managed 4 hits and the pitching allowed 5 runs against a Marlins team that isn’t all that good. The D-backs had a chance to get close enough to the Wild Card against the Orioles and Marlins to be buyers or only minor sellers, but they keep blowing it. They are once again .500 and who knows what will happen in the next few days.

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Reported 2 Teams Interested in Ray as Bullpen Help

This actually makes sense. Putting a hard-throwing lefty in a bullpen can help. Just unsure how much will be given in return. Ray is not having a great year and his value could have been much higher. If Hazen makes a deal, it will be interesting to see what he can get.

D-backs Farm Rumblings

Should we be excited about the 18-year-old Kristian Robinson who is killing it in the Northwest League? He’s putting up big numbers and looks good doing it.

D-backs Pull Plug on Greg Holland as Closer

It has happened every year in the Hazen era. He signs a veteran closer with warts, they pitch well early, but fade as the season reaches summer. I don’t know the answer. Spend more? But even then, there aren’t guarantees. Seems clear if the D-backs were buyers at all, they’d be buying bullpen help.

Around MLB

Called Up: Bo Bichette

It seems like the sons of fathers who played get hyped up, but so many do turn out amazing. I just wonder how a man with an awesome name like Dante names their son “Bo”. I guess it is kind of cool actually.

ESPN Power Rankings

As Goldy heats up, so do the Cardinals. We know that story quite well. The D-backs are mediocre with a mediocre ranking. Seems reasonable.