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Diamondbacks 2, Marlins 3: How low can Holland go?

Yasmany Tomas made his 2019 debut. And no-one cares...

Damaged wind turbine Photo by Thomas Frey/picture alliance via Getty Images

Record: 52-52. Pace: 81-81. Change on 2018: -4

Hello fellow Snakepiters and Brute Squad acolytes. The weekend is at long last here. Drinks up, be merry and watch some baseball. It’s happy hour in the desert!

Beer 1: This Time it’s Different Hazy IPA by Wren House Brewing Co.

This time hopefully won’t be much different, for if my magical smart phone is to be believed our last encounter with the Fish was a series win, and I’d very much like that again this time.

Seems like there’s lots more going on this time than when last we traveled to Miami: Goldy still was a Snek, we were a lock for the playoffs and predicted to be buyers at the deadline.

Oh what a difference a year makes. We’re not out of it, but it certain is starting to feel that way. Not to mention on top of those playoff hopes and who’s getting traded one of he most divisive figures in Dbacks history gets called up from Reno: Tomas.

Ladies and gentlemen, I dare say the comment section of this game may prove more entertaining than the game itself.

Play ball!

Nothing going in the 1st with only a walk to Marte, and so we’re on to the bottom half of the frame.

Greinke gets knocked around a bit in the 1st, but only allows 1run despite looking less than stellar. 0-1 Fishy

Greinke, furious at his 1st inning performance, decides to help himself out a bit with an RBI double to tie things up. Pitchers. Who. Rake. 1-1

Greinke’s flawed 1st is followed up flawlessly. Now we gotta pray someone other that our MVP pitcher can rake as well.

Beer 2: Bort the Garj dry hopped IPA by Dark Sky Brewing Co.

Nope. Apparently all people not named Marte and Greinke just can’t get on base, or at least contribute. Sure hope that changes as we go in to the bottom of the 3rd.....

Another quick inning for Greinke. Seems to have settled down nicely since the 1st. Not unhittable, but certainly back in form. Still 1-1 heading to the 4th.

Lamb’s triple in the 4th gets driven in by Ahmed, and we’re back in business! 2-1 Dbacks!

Beer 3: I Don’t Like Mondays by Fat Orange Cat Brewing Co

Took a little break to drive home safely, and luckily nothing amiss occurred in my absence, though it’s still only a 1run lead here in the bottom of the 5th.

Greinke appears to be discomforted by the Miami humidity, something that even during monsoon season we only barley see, but he powers through the 5th and we’re on to the crunch time part of the game.

Still no breathing room to be found in the 6th. With the Twins getting their 200th homer of the season just now I’m wondering if we’re due. Tomas time? :)

Greinke keeps the lead alive in the 6th. Still doesn’t look the MVP he most certainly is, but he’s doing what needs to be done for sure. 2-1 going to the 7th.

Oh wow. It’s happening. Tomas is in the game. So it begins.

Or not. No hits for anyone, and Tomas grounds out. Not exactly what I hope for. 2-1 going to the bottom of the 7th.

Archie is in and actually doesn’t give me a heart attack for once, which is totally welcome btw.

Our offense’s total lack of production though is completely unwelcome. We have got to capitalize on these early inning men on base. Period. 2-1 going in to the bottom of the 8th.

Lopez keeps things static in the 8th and now we just need a little insurance run to make me feel a little better.

Beer 4: Toole Ave IPA by Borderlands Brewing Co

Tried and true is this beer, and an ideal comfort ale to guide me along the 9th.

Nope, no dice. Thus we head to the bottom of the 9th hanging on by a thread and Holland walks to the mound....mother of God.

Holland allows a hit and a walk to the first two batters and it looks like we’re in a world of hurt at this point.

Then allows another hit to juice the bases with now outs. Oh joy.

Alfaro drives in a run and I’m confident in saying we’re toast. Thanks Holland. Then Yoshi is brought in, but cant salvage the mess and we’re toast 2-3.


Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Cod 'n' chips: Zack Greinke (pitching), +24.6%
Fish tacos: Lopez, +12.9%; Greinke (hitting), 11.2%; Bradley, +10.1%
Week-old sushi, left out in the sun: Greg Holland, -64.0%
Eel: Yoshihisa Hirano, -18.3%

It’s not often your starting pitcher is both the best pitcher AND the best hitter... in a game your team loses. Not a very big GDT, not least because first pitch was when most of us were still at work. Got busier towards the end, just not for good reasons. Present were: AzCutter, AzDbackfanInDc, Craig’s City Counsell, DORRITO, DeadManG, GuruB, Jim McLennan, Makakilo, MesaDBacksFan, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, NikT77, Smurf1000, Snake_Bitten, Sprankton, The-Icon, Theolser4, edbigghead, ford.williams.10, gamepass, gzimmerm, kilnborn, leo7630, ponus, ryeandi, since_98 and suroeste. Comment of the thread to suroeste, on Torey sticking with Holland:

Thanks, Greg, for ensuring that I needed a beer before I even cracked open this one. If he never sees another save opportunity again, it’ll be too soon. The same two teams tomorrow, with a 3:10 pm first pitch, and Alex Young taking the mound for the D-backs.