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Snake Bytes 7/21: Six Out Stall

The bullpen failed to secure a victory following another dominant start from Zack Greinke.

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Milwaukee Brewers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Arizona Diamondbacks 3, Milwaukee Brewers 8

[D’] Greinke sharp, but bullpen unravels vs. Crew - Zack Greinke largely had his way against the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday other than an uncomfortable fourth inning. He pitched Arizona to a 3-2 lead through seven innings, but from there the bullpen fell flat on its face and failed to secure a tie for the second Wild Card position.

[AZ Central] Bullpen fails Greinke, Diamondbacks in loss to Brewers - Blame for last night’s defeat rests solely on the shoulders of Andrew Chafin and Zack Godley. Chafin, who has been reliable for the most part this season, came into the game in the top of the eighth due to face Christian Yelich, Ryan Braun, and Mike Moustakas. Chafin gave up a single to Yelich and walked ‘Roid Boy before Miami Vice took him deep for a 5-3 Brewer lead. Godley did absolutely nothing to help matters in the ninth walking the first two batters he faced and then gave up a double to Yelich. More on the bullpen woes later tonight.

Diamondbacks News

[The Athletic] From no-show to The Show: The Diamondbacks’ painful, successful development of Yoan López - I’m not really interested in rehashing our personal feelings on Yoan Lopez and his journey through the minor league system. What really strikes me in this article are Dave Stewart’s comments. No matter how much time passes, in every instance he opens his mouth he seems to believe that he is owed something. The conflict of interest when he was the general manager and his wife took over his remaining agency business was very real. Stewart’s wife was Lopez’s agent until he changed representation this season.

“I don’t have any problem separating the agent part of it from what I felt was a good evaluation of a player that I felt strongly about signing and caught criticism for signing organizationally,” [Dave Stewart] says. “I’m glad that he’s having success, because it shows what I was talking about when it came to evaluating him as a player.” But he’s not so hot on the person anymore. They maintained a relationship after Stewart was fired late in the 2016 season, but not since López changed agents. “He fired his representation. That’s a disloyal act,” Stewart says. “I’ve got no interest in being in touch with Yoan López.”

[AZ Central] 5 best trades in franchise history - When will another one of these gems come along? We might have to wait until the annual winter meetings, but maybe not if the bullpen pushes Arizona further out of the Wild Card race.

[Arizona Sports] David Peralta doing everything he can to rejoin D-backs’ lineup - Checking in on injured D’backs David Peralta, Luke Weaver, Taijuan Walker, and Blake Swihart. I’d be surprised if Swihart has a spot on the roster upon his return unless another player gets injured. Arizona may have been in a much different position in the standings had Peralta and Weaver not missed as much time this season.

[] 7 teams that should go get Greinke - Does it really make sense for Arizona to trade Zack Grienke? He pitches well consistently enough to justify his hefty contract. It’s because of that contract that other teams would be unwilling to part with anyting of value in a trade unless Arizona paid down a portion of it. There’s also the issue that the D’backs are in the middle of the Wild Card pack themselves and can’t afford to trade their best starting pitcher right now.

Around the League

[ESPN] Voit gets hit in face by pitch, scores, then leaves - If I hear savages in the box one more time, I’m going to scream. This would be the only time it’s justified. Staying in the game after getting hit on the face by a pitch? That’s savage.