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Snake Bytes 7/2: Until We Meet Again

Our condolences to those who lost a husband, son, family member, friend, and teammate yesterday.

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Arizona Diamondbacks News

[D’] D-backs statement on passing of Tyler Skaggs -

“We are heartbroken with this tragic news. Tyler began his Major League career as a Diamondback and he will always be remembered here as a great teammate and wonderful young man. His family is in our thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.” -Derrick Hall

[Arizona Sports] D-backs Farm Rumblings: Aces play HR derby; Cron is a wrecking ball - Nine home runs hit by the Reno Aces on Saturday. That mark would tie the 1999 Cincinnati Reds for the second most home runs all time hit in a single game (at least at the MLB level) trailing only the 1987 Toronto Blue Jays. Stop the madness. Domingo Leyba went 5-for-5 with two home runs.

[The Athletic] Who saw Ketel Marte being this good? More people than you’d think - When discussing players who are signed internationally, we often only discuss their struggles in their native country. Rarely do we even consider what challenges they face once they reach the United States. Ketel Marte has worked hard for everything he has earned in his career up to this point, and as such has been name a starter in this year’s All Star Game for the first time.

Early on, he dealt with a frightening hiccup in his adjustment to the U.S. Players are housed with host families at that level, and early in the season Marte and another minor-leaguer were returning home after a day game when their hosts were still away. A neighbor assumed they were breaking in and called the police. Officers arrived with weapons drawn. “They put a gun right to my head,” Marte recalls. Speaking little English, Marte had trouble explaining his and his teammate’s right to be there. It wasn’t until a handcuffed Marte was able to produce a card with his host family’s contact information that the situation was sorted out. “He was in the office the next day,” Dorman says, “and they were kind of rattled.”

Around the League

[ESPN] Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs, 27, dies in Texas - Yesterday’s news was difficult for many to comprehend. Coming into adulthood as an Arizona Diamondbacks fan I have very fond memories of him. Tyler Skaggs was heralded as a rotation staple of the future. Tyler Skaggs, Patrick Corbin, Jarrod Parker, and Trevor Bauer were all coming through the minor leagues at the same time as highly rated pitching prospects. It would typically be discussed during every broadcast as their debuts were highly anticipated. Within only a few years all of them but Corbin were traded, but I still followed their careers from afar. It’s difficult to imagine that a life as great as his could be taken at such a young age. My heart breaks for those who were closest to him.

[ESPN] Power Rankings: Red-hot Yankees make a run at Dodgers for No. 1 - Middling results means little movement for the D’backs in this weeks power rankings. They improve 1 spot at ESPN to #17. The same spot holds true over at CBS Sports. Arizona dropped from the top ten down to #15 per The snakes are sandwiched in the middle of the consensus at #16 on The Athletic.

[Baseball America] 2019 MLB International Signing Preview - As Michael informed earlier today, the 2019 - 2020 international signing period begins today. The Arizona Diamondbacks are among eight teams with the largest bonus pool space to sign players at $6,481,200. Teams can make large strides in improving their farm systems through the international market, so it’s just as important to do well here as it is in the Amateur Draft.

[] Here’s where top int’l prospects are signing today

[Bleacher Report] Paul Goldschmidt Is the Hidden $130 Million Flop of MLB’s Big-Money Offseason - I don’t know what it was yesterday, but people just couldn’t get enough of going after Paul Goldschmidt. I read at least three different opines from three different outlets all commenting on various aspects ranging from the early trade returns, Goldschmidt’s declining ability, and now a possible bust contract. Has he been underwhelming this season? Absolutely. Is he capable of going on a monstrous midseason tear and carry the St. Louis Cardinals to a Wild Card berth? Without a doubt. Father time will defeat him eventually as it does with everyone, but let’s hold off a bit on engraving the tombstone shall we? He’s going to have to make adjustments to the pitching adjustments made against him. Haven’t we all seen him do that before?