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D-Backs Potpourri: Still haven’t decided if colon or dash is the proper style

On trades, more trades, Greinke, and more

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Arizona Diamondbacks

I was so excited to bring you something amazing today. It was going to be an hour and a half long video that definitively decides whether the Diamondbacks should be Buyers or Sellers.

It was gonna be great. I had called in every favor I could to get it done. It was gonna be a Vox Media wide endeavor. SB Nation was gonna bring the stats and analysis. We were going to get analysis from The Verge as to how the new Tech(TM) inside Chase Field would affect the brain waves of management making any deals. Eater was going to go through the team’s concessions offerings and analyze how that might affect a player’s performance. Polygon was going to break down how each species in the Mass Effect series would culturally behave as a Baseball General Manager.

Unfortunately, I just got a cryptic e-mail when I woke up this morning that just said “The cat got it.” So, no video.


Speaking of buying/selling. This tweet caught my eye, though not for the reasons you might expect for me to write about:

The Diamondbacks and Phillies are more or less in the same boat. Hovering around .500 and in the logjam of the Wild Card race. That would would possibly sell to the other in that same year is curious, and says a lot about the state of Baseball at the moment and how teams view themselves.

It makes some sense, assuming there’s truth to that rumor. The Phillies are at the beginning of the the contention window that opened when Bryce Harper was signed. Things are bumpy for them, but acquiring a pitcher whose contract extends into next season at Greinke’s level would boost their contention hopes.

The Diamondbacks are at a weird crossroads. Any decision they make with their roster before the deadline could be easily justified one way or the other, hence all the caterwauling about what they should be doing.

Things are either going to be very boring or extremely messy come July 31st.

In a first for Potpourri, the first three topics kind of link together. Please stay calm.

One way or another, we are in the back half or even the twilight of Zack Greinke’s time with the Diamondbacks. Whether he’s traded soon, later, or rides it out til the end, it’s going to end at some point.

At that point, we will look back and ask, “Was it worth it?”

And if you know my feelings on such things at all, the answer is “Of course it was worth it you f****** moron.”

I don’t even need to break out statistics or $/WAR ratio or anything. When the Diamondbacks signed Zack Greinke, they became more relevant in the big scope of Major League Baseball than they had been since 2011. 2016 was a rough year, but without Greinke the Diamondbacks don’t make the playoffs in 2017. Without him, the bullpen wouldn’t have had so many leads to blow in 2018. He’s been worth every penny and then some.

Dave Stewart had a lot of follies as a GM, but signing Greinke wasn’t one of them. If you whine about it being too expensive, slap yourself really really hard and remind yourself that caring how a billion dollar enterprise spends the money that you’re never going to see yourself seems kind of unhealthy.

I wrote a review for this year’s edition of The Show earlier this year, and I think I need to amend it. Cause this happened:

After being drafted by the Diamondbacks, but traded away after a promising minor league career (accurate) my avatar ended up in Tampa Bay. After a season, I got this offer. Getting offered a longer term deal that would have made me the second highest paid player by AAV.

Undercutting what I could have made in arbitration by offering a longer-term deal (that would have made me the second highest paid player on the team by AAV is too realistic for the video games these days and I demand more fanciful whimsy.

Thanks again for reading. I can’t think of a clever way to segue into the song at the end bit I started doing three weeks ago. So, here you go.