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Dbacks 4 Cards 2: The Golden One’s New Home.........

St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants
He used to do that.....for us........
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The second half of the season begins, yet this is our first time facing Goldy. Our long lost Goldy, and ours no longer. It’ll certainly be strange to face our former face of the franchise, but here we are. No mercy can be meted out though, for this series is of vast importance for both squads. Only 1.5 games separates us from the Wild Card and 2 for St Louis. So it’s go time for both teams without a doubt.

Let’s go!!!!

Beer 1: Gentle Reminder IPA by Pizza Port & Modern Times

Wow, here we are. Facing Goldy for the first time...and a pitcher I who I’m pretty sure is named after a conquistador. What a day to be alive.

Nothing going for our Sneks in the 1st, though Mr. Conquistador does seem to be slightly wild. Hopefully a preview of things to come.

Ray’s efficient as all get out in his half of the 1st as his 2Ks propel us in to the 2nd. 0-0

An Ahmed double play ball end our 2nd, but I feel like we’ll get to this Spaniard sooner rather than later.

It feels.....wrong to see Goldy at the plate against us in the 2nd. His stance is the same, his approach also the same and his power (judging by the foul balls) is very much there. He’s a Card though, but even as I cheer for his strikeout I still see him as a Dback. Some wounds are destined to take a long time to heal....

After striking out Goldy, Ray cruises through the rest of the 2nd and we’re once again tied at 0-0.

Still no real offense as Conquistador cruises through Carson Kelly, Ray and Dyson. Yawn. Was really hoping Kelly would knock his former squad down a peg or two.

Beer 2: The League of Extraordinary Hopheads by Odd 13 Brewing Co.

Goofy name for a beer, but it’s certainly infinitely better than the movie whose name it kinda shares. Though honest anything by Odd 13th is godsend.

Ray’s always pretty solid thus far with 3 scoreless frames under his belt. Wouldn’t mind seeing Ray do this kind of performance a bit more often. Please!!!!!!!! 0-0 game going in to the 4th.

Walker!!!!!!!!!!! His solo shot makes it slightly easier for me to forget how much I miss Goldy. The tie is broken and my Friday can finally get going in a big way. 1-0 Dbacks

Goldy’s second at bat ends in a pop up? Who could have dreamt that? Not I, but the Cards offense sputters on almost as poorly as ours, thus securing our 1run lead going in to the 5th.

Regrettably all good things must end and Weiters highlights that with a solo shot in the 5th. Tie game once again :( 1-1

Beer 3: Prick Prickly Pear IPA by Beer Research Institute

I find myself taking a break from live baseball to take my fiancée, newly arrived from a business trip, out to dinner. Cornish Pasty for the win!!!!!!

As we await our glorious pasty’s my phone tells me we’re still tied going in to the 7th. Oh Joy.

Lamb homer!!! Hell yea! Though I’ve hated upon him, I pray for his return to glory. Yar!!!!! 2-1 Dbacks

My fiancée and I are enjoying our pasty as two drunks have a serious conspiracy theory conversation about the border. Fun times.

My phone tells me Marte got a 2run bomb. My slightly empty beer glass tells me I need another to celebrate. 4-1 Dbacks in the 8th!!!

Cards get a run back in the 8th, but Goldy can’t capitalize on that and we find ourselves going in to the 9th with a 4-2 lead.

Just walked back home and during that fever time in the heat Holland secured the W. Guess we can’t DFA him just just can we?

Source: FanGraphs

Player of the Game: Jake Lamb +24.2%
Runner-up: Robbie Ray: +23.4%
Oops: Jarrod Dyson -9.7%

Some mild gameday thread attendance tonight. There were 22 commenters who combined for 329 comments. AzDbackfanInDC led the way with 72 comments, followed by Michael McDermott with 39 and GuruB with 37.

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