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D-Backs Potpourri - The Dreamless Forever Sleep

On the All-Star Game, the reunion, free agency, and a subtweet

2019 MLB All-Star Game, presented by Mastercard Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

TOPIC 1: All-Star game/HRD wrap up thoughts

Boy that All-Star game was sure a thing that happened. Ketel Marte had a double. Nobody on the broadcast talked about it cause they were screwing around with stuff with the Astros. Probably for the best. Had they talked about it, John Smoltz probably would have said hard doubles to the wall were better in the 90s. Joe Buck would have silently pined for the sweet release of death, and hoping beyond hope that there is no afterlife and that he can just sleep the dreamless, dark sleep forever.

The Home Run Derby was awesome, and anyone who says otherwise is a boring curmudgeon. Changing the format from a limited number of “Outs” to a time-based format gives the people what they want.

It’s also really awesome that the two finalists were two rookies and if MLB had any sense they’d make sure to market those stars to a new generation of fans.

Since it has yet to be shown that MLB has any sense, they will not be doing so and instead devote their time to testing out a rule where if you catch a fly ball with your teeth you win the game automatically in the Atlantic League.

To be fair to MLB, catching a ball with your teeth sounds incredibly badass.

It kind of would have been better, narrative wise, if the first game against the Cardinals in 2019 had come at Chase Field. The homecoming, as it were. No “going to your ex’s house to pick up your bass amp and your random pairs of socks that you left there” that we’re getting this weekend.

If there were any good narrative sense to the universe, Luke Weaver would be healthy and pitching this series. He with Carson Kelly as his battery mate could take one at-bat to swing the public opinion of “The Trade” one way or another. It would be in an ironic way for most, but there would be some true believers out there.

Alas, we don’t get the narratives we like, and however things happen this weekend will be the way they happen.

You ever see someone who squandered six years of second chances finally get their due, then they get a twitter account where they just write like a haughty dipshit about the place they were kicked out of, and it really shows they’re a sad person who has no inkling for personal reflection or growth, and they have no followers?

Folks, ya love to see it.

It’s fun that NBA free agency basically had as much action in about 4 days that three years worth of MLB free agency does. It got people talking, and excited to see what was coming up. Also, new players got to sign with their teams early enough that they don’t have to be late to training camp and possibly avoid a slow start to their seasons.

It would be nice if MLB had such a frantic start to their free agency for those reasons, but it should be noted that NBA free agency only moves so fast because:

  • Salary cap structure
  • A maximum amount of years and salary any player can sign for depending on their team status.

Neither of these things are items the player’s association should capitulate on any time if they have their own self-interest in mind. That being said, it would be nice if free agency in baseball moved at, well, any pace whatsoever. It’s going to be a sticking point later. As I’ve said in this space before, hope you all find something to do in the summer of 2021. Hope all that time defending people not spending money that isn’t and never will be yours was worth it!

Thanks, as always, for reading. Go running free into your weekend!