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Snake Bytes, 7/10: All-Star Afterglow

The American League ran its All-Star Game winning streak to seven on Tuesday night with a 4-3 win in Cleveland.

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2019 MLB All-Star Game, presented by Mastercard Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

National League 3, American League 4

The AL won its seventh consecutive All-Star game Tuesday. The AL struck out 16 NL batters in the affair. Hometown pitcher, Shane Bieber won the game MVP award for his flawless, three-strikeout relief performance in the fifth inning.

Marte Continues Breakout in ASG

Leading off the third inning for the NL, Ketel Marte faced off against Minnesota’s José Barrios. Marte blasted a double off the wall in right center field, but was stranded there the remainder of the inning.

10 Most Likely Players to be Traded by Arizona (The Athletic)

Unsurprisingly, Adam Jones and Greg Holland float to the top of this list.

Around Baseball

Rob Manfred Discusses Minor League Pay

In one of his state of the game speeches, Rob Manfred announced that MLB had begun negotiations with the NAPBL to discuss the pay scale of minor leaguers. According to Manfred, it is important that the players be “paid correctly”. Notably, he avoided mentioning what that might look like while also once again floating the notion that there are too many minor league teams out there. As always, this remains a contentious issue, one in which MLB has gone to great lengths to win every legal advantage they can to unilaterally dictate the terms.

Tony Clark Discusses CBA, Juiced Balls

You better believe Tony Clark and the rest of the MLBPA was paying attention to the many comments made by Manfred over the course of the last few days. While talks have already begun despite the current CBA not expiring until the end of next season, the two sides may need every last minute of negotiating time to come to some amicable agreements.

Verlander Calls the Actual Baseball “A Joke”

Taking advantage of the mandatory pre-game pressers that players are required to participate in, Justin Verlander continued his multi-season campaign against the new balls being used by MLB.

Commissioner’s Office has Words with Verlander (The Athletic)

MLB Lieutenants, Joe Torre and Jim Leyland, along with at least one other MLB official had Verlander in for a dressing down after his public comments. As Jayson Stark points out though, Verlander and the Commissioner’s office both want the same thing. Maybe, just maybe, they should take the time to listen to the future Hall of Famer’s thoughts on the subject rather than antagonizing him.

The New Ball and Pitch Movement (The Athletic)

If the new ball is different aerodynamically, why aren’t pitches being made changing significantly? The Athletic’s Eno Sarris has an idea.

Freddie Freeman, Justin Verlander Turn in Must-See Baseball

One of the best things about last night’s game was various players being mic’d up during the game. This included Freddie Freemen who was mic’d up during his at-bat against Justin Verlander in the first inning. After telling Verlander during batting practice that he would take him deep, Freeman stepped into the box with the broadcast crew in his ear. He even warned Verlander that the booth would/could give him a heads-up on what pitches were coming. Four pitches later, Freeman walked back to the dugout having been carved up like a thanksgiving Day turkey.

The Ringer’s 2019 Mid-Season Awards

To no one’s shock, Mike Trout is running away with the AL MVP.

The Era of Breakout Hitters

Baseball’s youth movement has ushered in a new era of elite hitters with a new approach to hitting.